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A block and a half away from the action, with Marion Police standing duty up near the clocktower, photo by Disclosure correspondent at about 10:20 a.m. Monday, August 5

Posted by on Monday, August 5th, 2019 @ 10:25 am.

MARION, Ill. - A bomb threat has closed the main downtown Marion, Illinois, square, known as clock tower square owing to the huge clock tower in center of it.

Marion is in Williamson County in deep downstate Illinois, for those of you unfamiliar with the area.

This shot is half a block east of the square, looking west

We have a correspondent on scene who is sending photos and updating. Keep refreshing this post as the photos and information are coming in by the second.

Information began coming in at about 10:16 this morning, although the activity, we're being told, started before that time.

The Secretary of State Police Bomb Squad has been on scene long enough to rally everyone into position and traffic is roped off for at least a block away from the square in every direction.

Secretary of State Bomb Squad trailer on-scene

Marion Fire and Rescue as well as an Abbott EMS ambulance were reportedly on-scene, but took off at approximately 10:44 a.m. with lights blazing and sirens blaring. We're being told that there was a bad wreck out on Interstate 57 a bit earlier, before the report of the bomb threat, so that might be the reason why, and their services might be needed there as no one is injured at the bomb threat scene, and they were on standby as a precaution.

An officer on the north side of the square

Marion has one of the best police departments in our coverage area, so any threat like this is taken very seriously and all precautions are extended to the safety of the public.

Treston Miller, disrupting the Marion city council meeting in January 2018

Regular readers will recall the situation with the messed-up kid Treston Miller, who, in August 2018, was alleged to have made a school shooting threat on the now-(thankfully)-defunct website topix.com at a time school shootings were happening one after another. Authorities wasted no time springing into action and investigating, then bringing Miller in. The situation is no different with this bomb threat, as mass shootings are plaguing the U.S. in advance of the release of information about allegations in the Jeffery Epstein child sex abuse case )the going premise is that there's a faction wants to distract attention away from the "names" that will come out in the multi-page civil suit material about to be released following Epstein's most recent criminal woes, and that the public might find out that highly-placed officials were in contact with Epstein's perverted stable of very young girls; so "sleepers," as they're known, are triggered to go out and shoot up places so the nation will have their heads turned when big names in the world of politics, finance and celebrity will kind of pass under the bridge unnoticed in the waters of an excess of news about mass killings. This has been a time-honored practice across the globe and has been utilized with great success...but the public figures, it's said, in this Epstein civil suit might not be the kind of thing that distractions can work on.

Whatever the case, we'll keep you posted on developments as they come in. Kudos to Marion PD for the quick response, and our thanks to our correspondent on-scene.

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