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Bridgeport guy busted in Indiana for meth

Posted by on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019 @ 7:31 pm.

David Nall from his Facebook page

DAVIESS CO., Ind. - A gangsta-wannabe from Lawrence County, Illinois, was arrested this past weekend on serious offenses in Indiana.

David Nall, 27 of Bridgeport, is the gangsta-wannabe in question.

Apparently he wasn't gangsta enough to avoid the popo in Washington, Indiana, where court documents show he hailed from before moving to Lawrence County.

Nall was taken into custody in the overnight hours of June 28-29 in the city of Washington on Indiana charges of Possession of Meth and Dealing Meth. There are no reports to indicate where or how Nall came to the attention of authorities while in Washington, but he was toted off to the Daviess County Jail and held without bond on the 29th.

Online documents show that Nall was already in trouble with a low-level felony Resisting/Fleeing Law Enforcement, so the no-bond thing might have a lot to do with that.

However, there might be even more to it.

For over four years now, Disclosure has been receiving information that indicates there's a direct drug pipeline out of Washington, through Vincennes in Knox County, and into Lawrence across the river from Vinny. From there, the dope goes to Crawford to the north, Richland and Clay to the west, and Wabash to the south. The validity of this was upheld in late 2015 when a dope ring running these exact routes was busted by the feds, and out of those arrests, others followed, including former Edwards County methmakers Josh Millman, Nathan Headley and Brad Beehn, as well as Lawrenceville tough guy Bobby Turner. Our sources on the matter advised that at least on the Illinois side, authorities knew exactly who was involved in the methslinging, as well as who the "plugs" are for other illicit substances, which includes every variety of pills, as well as cocaine, K2, and even heroin and its derivatives, in particular, fentanyl. However, because of how these "plugs" and other slingers are protected, they continue to do their thing, while the authorities pat themselves on the back for getting a few big-league guys like Millman and Turner, and ignore the middlemen while pursuing the punks like Nall....when the middlemen are doing the yeoman's work and generally have the dope on them all the time.

We've yet to see the formal charges against Nall; if they emerge, we'll update the post. Be watching.

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