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What nepotism hath wrought: ‘Police chief’ threatens media with vile texts

Posted by on Monday, June 10th, 2019 @ 1:02 pm.

Troy Eads, in full good-ol-boy grooming of bad buzz haircut and stupid goatee complete with redneck sunburn, is shown here at a meeting of the Edgar County ETSB, where he's not only an appointed board member, but is the chairman.

EDGAR CO., Ill. - It's kind of a given that in very small towns throughout Illinois, it's difficult to find good help, especially when it comes to public positions.

Oftentimes, some villages resort to nepotism (the hiring of a relative by someone in a position of authority) simply because there aren't any other qualified candidates.

That, however, doesn't give that hire free rein to just do whatever he wants, be it allegedly drink alcohol in public, allow his teenage son to do so, and send what could be considered thinly-veiled threats of harm via text.

Yet that's what it appears the police chief of the village of Hume in Edgar County, population 351, has done.

We featured an article recently (click this to view) that linked back to the original article by the Edgar County Watchdogs, John Kraft and Kirk Allen. In their original article, they displayed a photo that we did not (because we wanted you to give them their click; and please, click this link to do so). This photo (along with major mainstream news coverage of the massive underage drinking party that brought about the display of the photo) is apparently what prompted the Hume "police chief" Troy Eads (who, in a distinct case of nepotism, is the brother of the village board president) to lose his feces recently, which is what this article you're now reading is about.

Here's the pic.

The captioning, as done by the Watchdogs, tells the tale.

Eads, who also happens to be the chairman of the Edgar County Emergency Telephone System Board (which legality is currently and viably under question) and whose 19-year-old son featured in said photo is also a village trustee (insert appropriate remarks here about even more avoidable nepotism as well as the blind leading the blind in the case of moronnials holding office), apparently believes he is above the law as a "lawman" and appointed ETSB board member, so he recently took it upon himself to vent his spleen in a couple of text messages to Kraft:

For those mobile-y challenged, the texts screencapped here read: "Don't be a sissy you can post things that are not true on your post. That was my wife's dad funeral and his grandpas. It was a prop for a photo and my wife is not happy. I will be suing for slander and libel You worthless piece of shit. I had to lose income due to your lies posted so I think I got a case. I hope your 3 star liberal bitch lawyer in Chicago is ready for a fight. You make it personal with my family and now it is on. Your damn lucky I am out of town right now. Post this shit too you fat piece of shit."

Hey, no one ever even hinted that the man WASN'T a public school-educated redneck. But, all grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors aside, let's break this down, shall we?

First let's get the biggest flaw out of the way: Eads is a public employee as well as an appointed official. Because of this, he has civil immunity to an extent. Civil immunity means that he cannot be sued for doing something in the line of duty by the public for whom he's acting in an official capacity. Because of that, the public, in turn, has a level of immunity against lawsuits filed by HIM in the course of their criticism of how he does his job. That goes double for media (which the Edgar County Watchdogs are). In fact, a Federal Circuit Court of appeals years ago ruled that a media outlet can actually LIE about a public official, as long as it doesn't venture over the five tenets of defamation, and there can be no lawsuits. And of course, as you can see in the photo and which Eads readily admitted to, them boiz are a-drankin, apparently in "memry" of dear ol dad/grandad. So nobody's lying. If there's no lie, where's the defamation? (libel and slander are two different torts other than defamation; but of course, Eads is apparently oblivious to that, and thinks he looks all big n bad throwing around big words like "libel" [printed untruth] and "slander" [spoken untruth], both of them moot in this situation.)

Secondly, why is this guy still holding positions of authority when he can be completely misogynistic ("3 star liberal bitch lawyer in Chicago"), body-shaming ("you fat piece of shit"), vulgar in print (text is print, whether Mr. Public School grad understands that or not) and threatening physical harm in a thinly-veiled way ("Your damn lucky I am out of town right now" and "You make it personal with my family and now it is on")?? WHAT is 'on,' exactly? Is it that when he finds out he has no "case" to file against the Watchdogs that he's going to take out his vengeance in some other retaliatory way? We've seen this repeatedly in Illinois - cops target people, evidence is fabricated or if the public officials are particularly lucky, in limine'd out, and people lose their livelihoods and sometimes their lives in the process. Only on very few rare occasions do civilians emerge from this kind of thing victorious...but Eads should know that it does happen, since it very prominently happened in Edgar County only a few years back with the onerous Dee Burgin in the case Angelina Cianfaglione filed against him. Is he really willing to risk this...?

And that's not the only thing that's at risk.

There have been police officers who have lost their certifications for less than this. Putting everything together, the public drinking in the photo, whether "prop" (apparently he meant 'staged,' but, you know...Public School Edgumacashun) or real; the apparent underage drinking by his kid; the fact that he made veiled threats against a citizen who, when in the village of Hume (which happens with ECWd media coverage) he's sworn to serve and protect and uphold the Constitution...all of that might be of interest to the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board. The ILETSB doesn't like bad cops; those few and far between of them give all the good ones a bad name. And in recent years, they've taken to yanking certifications in order to offset the bad name.

Just a little food for thought here, all these facts. Hume managed to get mainstream coverage of the massive underage drinking party; now, it stands to get more of that as word gets out that the village "police chief" is a foul-mouthed, knee-jerking little snowflake who can't handle criticism of what's obviously behavior outside the scope of his employment...and, it just looks bad. Already, other media outlets have picked up the sitch, including our upstate correspondent Diane Benjamin at BLNNews, as well as the Watchdogs.

If Good-ol-Boi Eads makes the mistake of contacting us about this, or if there are any further developments including info from complaints to the ILESTB, we'll bring it to you. Be watching.

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