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RESIST the rise of the machines!

'You're right, dear, these self check out lanes really are fast, especially if you don't scan anything.'

Posted by on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019 @ 1:17 pm.

PSA - This automation of checking out of a retail store has gotten out of control.

My wife, who was in retail management for an astonishing 13 years without losing too much of her mind (okay, she's gonna get me for that) advised me last night that when she went to Walmart in Olney to pick up a vacuum cleaner belt (which she broke yesterday, necessitating the trip, lol) there was quite a bit of scrambling going on with store employees, and the entire front of the store was pretty much tore up. That's because, she was told, the installation of mostly self-checkout was going on.

You got that right. In lil ol Olney, where the Walmart effectively killed most of downtown, they're installing mostly self-checkout. Ang was told that the checkout will be all self except for five cashiers.


You think you're being herded now, just wait.

Ang advised the store staff that she doesn't do self-checkout, having worked in retail for those many years; she's not getting paid by the store to do the work that technically should be the store employees' jobs, and so she will either just stand in line and wait, or, more importantly, find other venues to purchase things like vinegar and epsom salts (which is what we use as a weedkiller as opposed to the humankiller, Roundup) or vacuum cleaner belts. Walmart might have the best price, but to us, it's worth it to pay a quarter more per item to not have to go through self-checkout. The folks at the counter actually advised that they've been told these very same things by a LOT of people.

Resisting this turn of events is going on across the country, if the proliferation of memes on social networking is any indication.

We here at Disclosure remember the 70s when we first started driving and self-serve gas pumps were becoming the thing. People didn't like not having gas station attendants. Spilled gas was everywhere. Drive-offs were common and legislation hadn't quite caught up with such a thing yet. Elderly people were incensed.

Well, now WE'RE bordering on "elderly" (some of us already qualify for "senior discounts" in some locales) and WE don't like this self-checkout thing. But for different reasons. Take it from the retail expert (my wife), who said this (below the applicable razor meme):

"The major problem with self-checkout from a retail standpoint is theft. They think they have shrinkage problems now; just wait. Every criminal element in the nation has come up with all kinds of interesting ways to defeat these machines. Confusion over how to use them is easy to 'create,' as just one example. The 'confused' person will pretend to have a problem, calling a cashier or management over, and while that's going on, another person in on it will slide out with stolen stuff. This could go on all day. You might not think they'd get away with large items, and that might be true...but how many smaller items with a high value can a person bag and walk out with...? Especially if the small items have loss prevention tags on them that can be easily defeated, like those five-blade disposable razor blades that are extremely expensive. The thefts drive prices up; inventory is every six months; so look for prices to possibly skyrocket on these items and others."

To add to the onerousness of it, she advised that there were signs attached to the self-checkouts that declared something about "making jobs for Americans" or something to that effect (she'd have taken a pic, but while undergoing treatment, she can't be carrying her phone around). If this is even remotely accurate, we're talking Orwellian reverse-speak here. If there are 14 checkout lanes being replaced by machines...HOW is that making jobs for Americans...? Having dealt with tech for years here at this site, I can personally tell you...Americans aren't necessarily involved in this technology; not creation, not staffing, not repair/maintenance. Nope. And further, there are 14 cashier jobs that aren't there anymore...and a bunch of overworked employees who know it all too well.

So our advice to you...? Do as we're doing. DON'T frequent the places with self-checkout if they push it on you this hard. Two or four lanes, okay, whatever. But the majority...? No. There are alternatives. We discovered that Rural King in Olney has almost everything she had to buy last night; Dollar General has the rest, and the prices are comparable. We've got to stop letting tech take over our lives. It's as invasive and intrusive as big government, and it's being pushed by same. Let's stop it by complaining about it, then doing something a step further: Hitting them in the wallet, where it counts.

Where there are NO self-checkouts...just fine people to assist you

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