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Put this in the “you can’t be serious” file: Food stamps for restaurant food

Posted by on Thursday, May 16th, 2019 @ 12:11 pm.

ILLINOIS - You read that right.

Illinois legislature is considering a measure proposing that food stamp recipients be allowed to use SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) vouchers at restaurants.

Bad enough that food stamps can be used to purchase pre-prepared hot foods at delis in grocery stores. Now House Bill 3343, the "Restaurant Meals Program," is being put forth ostensibly by Illinois bleeding-heart libwhacks who are explaining it away as "for the homeless who don't have a way to prepare food."


As already stated, they can go to any grocery store deli and get much better food than we working slobs who have to buy our own groceries can on any kind of regular basis if we're budget-watchers, which most normal people are.

However, they further 'restrict' it that "only the SNAP recipients who are disabled, elderly or homeless, or their spouses" would qualify for the program.

That'd be great if there weren't so many "disabled" people who, like many SNAP recipients, are gaming the system with fraudulent claims of disability.

But far be it from Illinois to show some sense, and instead of directing money to the agencies tasked with uncovering fraud, they add to the rolls...because believe it when we tell you, having been in this business for decades, we see and hear people BRAG about gaming said system and getting benefits they do NOT deserve when there are the real elderly and real disabled who need them.

But Illinois has gone solidly libtard, which is underscored by the fact that California and Arizona have similar laws for use of SNAP benefits in restaurants.

Time to move, folks. Keep that exodus machine rolling. Soon there won't be anyone left in Illinois except the government employees and their serfs (aka extremely low-income and unproductive)...all the productive people will have moved their productiveness to Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky or some other state that doesn't punish those who actually WORK.

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