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The dying American Cancer Society “signature fundraiser” sends out obit in Richland County

Posted by on Tuesday, May 14th, 2019 @ 12:18 pm.

RICHLAND CO., Ill. – We were thrilled to see the latest announcement out of the bloated “charitable” org, the American Cancer Society, as it pertains to its “signature fundraiser,” the Relay for Life.

It’s been announced that in Richland County, the RFL has come to an end after 25 years.

This report came across our news feed this morning, and of course there’s no real reason given for it. Notably, though, there have been no totals released from the event in recent memory, at least not with any big fanfare and headlines…largely because since 2002 when we first started telling the truth about the RFL, falling totals have been the norm, and ending the Relay has been the result of that. At least, that’s what the directors say.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) is not what it was when we first started covering their events in the 90s. Back then, it was a small, county-based, localized operation in each county. Money raised at annual fundraisers pre-Relay was kept in a local bank and was accessed by people VOLUNTEERING (not working) for the ACS to take care of people with cancer. Volunteers (not employees) ensured that the money was being put to good use: For transportation for treatment, for wigs or prosthetics, even for supplemental funds for treatment.

However, when the RFL got big and the totals were somewhat astonishing, the ACS stepped in and stopped all that. All the money was collected and put into centralized banks, largely one of two in Oklahoma or Georgia (home-based big divisions of the ACS that the little divisions reported to) and local accounts were closed. The ACS then became stingy in their disbursement of the funds, making people jump through hoops just to obtain a little bit of gas money for transport to and from our rural area to larger, metropolitan areas for treatment (surgery/chemo/radiation, aka “slash n burn”). No longer were there volunteers in abundance, just a few, as so many people were “employed” (given a paycheck) by the ACS, and so few volunteers meant that there were fewer and fewer people to transport cancer patients. But God forbid a cancer patient’s family attempt to get money for gas for transport for their loved one…no longer were family members allowed to access funds for that. It had to be an ACS volunteer, or it was no one…which left a lot of cancer patients having to pay for it themselves, since volunteers were figuring out what was going on and were bowing out left and right.

Those are just a FEW of the turns the ACS took when the RFL got really, really popular about two decades ago. The rest of them might seem insignificant – like the ACS adopting the phrase “The money goes to RESEARCH!!” to explain where all the funds raised were going when the transparency stopped long about 2002…when we first covered it for the West Salem paper, where we were working at the time and which coverage is in part what got us fired – because we told the truth.

Since that time, we have endeavored to bring the truth about the ACS – that the funds raised at Relays were actually going to cover salaries of the ever-increasing “administration” of the big “anti-cancer” entity – and one by one, counties in our coverage area saw massive totals, sometimes exceeding $150,000, raised at the Relays drop until the decision was made to terminate the event. We were happy to see that. We don’t know that it was directly related to accurate coverage; it might be because so many people have cancer these days that to try and help each and every one that comes to the ACS was just out of the question. But it certainly didn’t help that ACS Regional Offices were undergoing non-stop renovations using funds raised at Relays as opposed to using those funds to help ten elderly cancer patients like what used to be done instead of a little trickle of gas money for just one.

The ACS is a bloated not-for-profit that very much profits from the money. They have grown to monumental proportions over the past two decades because of the Relays while doing NOTHING to curb the epidemic that is the condition of cancer. They don’t care about the elimination of cancer as a condition (and please bear in mind…it’s not a disease. It’s a condition that causes disease, but cancer is not the disease itself.) They make too much money off its existence. Why would they WANT it gone…? They wouldn’t. They want it to proliferate.

Fortunately, the fundraisers, at least locally, aren’t proliferating. Be wise; don’t donate to them. Learn what really causes cancer (look at all the hotlinks to get an idea of it), and do something about your exposure. It’s the only thing the ACS didn’t do all those years locally, is explain to you what cancer is all about.

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