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Bizarre incident with Indiana firefighter in Marshall, Illinois, shows corruption is all over

Posted by on Monday, May 13th, 2019 @ 2:41 pm.

No-longer-employed by fire department Brad Compton

MARSHALL, Ill. - Let it not be said that Illinois doesn't have a corrupting influence on some.

Okay, on many. And even on people who don't live here.

Perhaps it's because so many have gotten away with so much in the dank corners of the state where there are no real news organizations to hold public officials accountable for years and years, that the sickness that defines everything in the state of Illinois creeps out and infects others. That's pretty much what appears to have happened in the case that our friends the Edgar County Watchdogs have covered just south of their area, Marshall in Clark County.

In a nutshell: The guy shown above managed to lose his fireman job after he was spotted using his fire department-issued truck to transport materials and work items from his home town in Indiana to a location in Marshall, Illinois, apparently across the river, where he was doing some undeclared work on a location in Marshall.

For whose benefit we don't know...but the Watchdogs caught it last week and...well...we'll let them tell it. Here's a snip from and link to the first article, published Friday, May 10:

While visiting Marshall, Illinois today, I noticed what has become a frequent sighting of mine when I visit Marshall: An Elwood Fire Department vehicle…only this time I managed to get some pictures of it.

Turns out, Elwood, Indiana is around 139 miles or a 2 hour and 14-minute drive from Marshall according to Google (here).

I called the Elwood Fire Department and was notified that the Fire Chief was driving the vehicle. He is Chief Brad Compton (here) and was appointed as Fire Chief on Sep 1, 2011.

The Elwood Mayor, Todd Jones, was informed and told me that he would take care of it.

Chief Compton appears to be using this vehicle for a personal visit and to transport materials and tools for repairs/remodeling of an apartment on Plum Street, just down from the Post Office. I witnessed him pulling materials from the back of the truck, and there was plywood, a skill saw and table, and an extension ladder on the side of the apartment to allow access to the roof. It was quite apparent what he was doing. When he noticed I was taking pictures, he either went into the apartment or hid behind the truck.

To read the rest of Edgar County Watchdogs website, article "Elwood Indiana Fire Chief and Dept vehicle frequents Marshall, IL", click this hotlink

Then lo and behold, an astute public official in Elwood, Indiana, took action; below, a snip and a link:

We were just informed that Fire Chief Brad Compton of the Elwood, Indiana Fire Department was removed from his position by Elwood Mayor Todd Jones.

Former Fire Chief Compton was informed Friday evening after an internal investigation was conducted, that he was removed from his position as Elwood Fire Chief and ordered to return all City Property to the Elwood Municipal Building immediately.

Compton was appointed Fire Chief in September of 2011.

Yesterday afternoon we published an article (here) critical of Compton’s use of a fire department vehicle for visits to Marshall, Illinois – located in Clark County just west of Terre Haute, Indiana and 139 miles from Elwood, IN.

We photographed Compton and the fire department’s vehicle in Marshall, Illinois at Casey’s gas station then contacted city officials to determine if it should be in Marshal, IL.  When we confirmed it had no business there, we obtained additional photographs at an apartment located on Plum Street, where it appeared he was using the vehicle to transport construction materials and tools for maintenance/remodeling of an apartment.

We forwarded all information gathered to the Elwood Mayor, who then conducted an internal investigation, which resulted in Chief Compton’s termination and demotion.

Mayor Jones stated: “We try to be good stewards of the taxpayers' hard earned dollars.”

To view the article ("Elwood, Indiana Fire Chief Brad Compton terminated as Chief/Demoted") in its entirety, click this link

In Illinois, the fire chief would have reported John Kraft, some law enforcement officer who doesn't value his own job would harass Kraft until Kraft had to get a lawyer involved to make it stop, and then members of Kraft's family would be periodically stopped for no reason and harassed even after Kraft won an injunction to make the harassment stop.

Indiana has been a viable east side option for people fed up with Illinois' ridiculous policies that have lead to incredible personal expense for people just trying to get along. Why Compton would be having anything to do with anyone/anything in Marshall that could cost him his job in the process is absolutely beyond us, but hey...who knows. Probably a love interest or something equally stupid.


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