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Bizarre situation in Carmi: Griping over driving, guy with weapon alleged

Posted by on Monday, April 15th, 2019 @ 8:07 pm.

A Ruger AR 556; NOT necessarily the one in question

WHITE CO., Ill. - An incident yesterday in Carmi lead to some tense moments for several individuals, and it’s unclear whether an arrest has been made yet or not.

White County Sheriff’s authorities indicate that the situation emerged Sunday (April 14) at approximately 12:55 p.m., when dispatch received a call from Elizabeth Doneghue in reference to a guy by the name of Billy Newman, 46, allegedly pulling a gun on a neighbor. At the same time, Newman himself called the sheriff’s department advising of a verbal argument between himself and another male at the location of 701 N. Summitt Street in Carmi.

Deputies were dispatched separately and arrived at the same time, with one of them speaking to Newman. He advised that a few days ago, the “lady” (later determined to be Crysta Church) at the aforementioned residence on Summitt, had “screamed and yelled at him for driving too fast around the corner of her residence.”

He then advised that Sunday when he drove by the residence, some “guy” (later determined to be Dylan Rees, 22) “screamed and yelled at him.” Newman said that Rees waved him down and started cursing at him for driving too fast around his residence; Rees then started to take his jacket off while they were arguing. Newman said he had a ratchet set in his back seat, so he reached into the back and unlocked the ratchet set in order to take the large ratchet out of its case. However instead of hitting Rees, Newman decided to drive away and call the sheriff’s department. Newman also stated that he never had a gun with him because he’s a felon and can’t have one.

When Rees was interviewed by the deputies, he advised that he was standing in his front yard at the aforementioned location when a black Dodge truck came “flying down the street” next to the residence. Rees said he waved the person (later determined to be Newman) down and asked him to slow down. However, Rees said, Newman started to get angry with him and reached into the back seat; then, Rees said, Newman pointed a small black pistol, possibly, he said, a 9mm, at Rees.

Rees said that when he saw the gun, he backed away from Newman, and advised Newman to put the gun away into the back seat. Newman then drove away for a moment until the police arrived on scene. Rees then said he saw Newman throw something into a wooded area next to Doneghue’s as he was driving, and pulled into the driveway of a neighbor (Tom McCord, 75).

Rees went the distance and signed a probable cause statement, which was left blank for State’s Attorney Denton Aud to file what charges, if any, would be appropriate for the incident.

Meanwhile, the deputy went to speak with McCord, who advised that he had surveillance cameras. The deputy viewed the surveillance, and in the vid it showed Newman stop at the Rees residence at 12:50 p.m.; then at 12:54, Newman left the residence, driving into the McCord driveway just a few seconds later. Newman then drove to the Doneghue residence and waited for the deputy to arrive. The deputy noted that it was not possible to ascertain in the vid what happened at the Rees residence, and he saw nothing being thrown from the vehicle at the location due to a garage in the path of the cameras.

While speaking with McCord, the deputy asked if he, McCord, had spoken to Newman that day; McCord said he had, and that Newman had stopped at his residence and put what he thought was a crossbow on his front porch. McCord said Newman had told him to “hold onto it for a minute and he’d be back for it.” The deputy asked McCord where this item was, and McCord advised he’d placed it in the hallway. So the deputy asked to see it, and McCord brought to him a large tan/green Plano case. When McCord opened the case to look inside, he and the deputy observed a Ruger 223 AR-556 rifle with scope….and a loaded clip with 9 rounds in it.
The report ends there, but indicates that the incident involves the crimes of Possession of Ammunition without a FOID Card and Unlawful Use of Weapons by a Felon, both felonies. Whether Newman has been arrested by now or not remains unknown…but if there’s any change, we’ll update.

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