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Harrisburg punk arrested in Marion on misdemeanor

Posted by on Friday, February 22nd, 2019 @ 7:51 pm.

Ian Hamilton, from a 2017 arrest in Saline

MARION, Ill. - One of Harrisburg's more notorious thugs, out on bond in a serious Saline County case since December, has now been arrested in Marion.

Hamilton, in a more up-to-date (and vulgar) pose

Ian Hamilton, 25, the eldest of the violent Gibbs-Hamilton bunch who have terrorized Saline County for the past several years, was arrested on Tuesday, February 19, on a misdemeanor count of Domestic Battery, this occurring at an address on the 1200 block of North Van Buren Street in Marion. Apparently, Hamilton has moved to Marion, as records on file show the aforementioned address to be his.

From Katy Heaton's Facebook page

Reports don't indicate who the alleged object of his ire was, but with this bunch, it could be anyone, right down to a neighborhood kitten (although that wouldn't necessarily constitute Domestic Battery if it were just a neighborhood feline) like his little brother and fellow thug Aries Gibbs was filmed brutalizing a couple of years ago. Hamilton's social networking profile indicates that he's "in a relationship with" Katy Heaton, but it also claims he lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and if there's one thing these thugs are fixated on, it's attempting to pull stuff over on people, so there's really no telling (conversely, Heaton's ducklips-filled page has her in a relationship with him, but that's not to say she was the victim. It's a free-for-all with these people.)

The ridiculously-spelled (and ridiculously-coiffed) Xzavier Gibbs, who might be the next to ask to be moved to a women's prison in Illinois...

Back on December 19 in Saline County, Hamilton, who like his criminal family members (the brothers Gibbs: Aries, who is 17 now and headed for a jury trial next week, and Xzavier, 21, who fortunately for the region is still in prison for at least a few more years) has had more unresolved criminal cases over the last several years than just about any other thug gang out there, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor Possession of Cannabis and Class 4 felony Obstruction of Justice.

He's set for a jury trial in May in Saline...that is, if the recent arrest and charge in Marion doesn't speed things up a bit, since Hamilton is out on bond in Saline and a condition of that bond is to not get in trouble anywhere else.

When we learn more about it, we'll post. Be watching.

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