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So you want $15 an hour for minimum wage, eh….?

Posted by on Friday, February 8th, 2019 @ 10:07 am.

ILLINOIS - You're probably going to get it.

And if you think things in Illinois are in destructive mode now, just wait til this is implemented.

While we've written about this before when the threat was $10 an hour (still too high), here are your drawbacks to the current disaster, in a nutshell:

The only employers who can afford $15 an hour minimum wage are the big employers; medium-sized and small businesses will not be able to do this, even on a 6-year phase-in, and will likely close, if not lose all staff in an effort to hang on. Look for your main employers - mom n pops places you've known all your life - to close up en masse.

If they don't close, your costs are going to go up exponentially. You can't expect to be a baker selling cookies 2 for $3 paying her employees effectively a wage that's doubled (even over 6 years). In 6 years, expect to be paying $5.50 for those two cookies....if she's still in business.

Minimum wage earners by and large don't understand that as their pay goes up, so goes their taxes (that's what this is all about....collecting more taxes). So between more being taken out of a minimum wage-earner's paycheck off the top, and increased costs for goods and services taking it off the bottom, there's actually not much benefit for the recipient. Plus...do you think public aid will adjust minimum income accordingly...? Think again. They're still adjusting from the last minimum wage increase. That's why some people who actually NEED food stamps can only get $16 a month.

The people who really are going to suffer, other than employers, will be mid-level employees who have worked their way up from minimum wage positions over the years. A person who's already making $15 an hour are going to expect an increase, too. If paying $15 an hour minimum is impossible, $20 an hour for a 10-year employee will be out of the question. Expect services to suffer as people with years at their job will go elsewhere, leaving the inexperienced (but makin thayut thur FEEYUFFTEEN DOLLURS UH HOUR!!) to tend to the jobs the experienced are vacating.

People who have never owned businesses, we've discovered, are the ones who shriek at articles like this. Also, those in government. Which should tell you a lot. We, as employers, should not be FORCED to pay a certain amount for employees; the market should dictate such a thing. $15 an hour doesn't work; places that have implemented it have discovered quickly that it's unsustainable. The way things are going in Illinois, the whole state is already in an unsustainable position. This might just be the deathknell we've all been dreading.

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2 Comments for “So you want $15 an hour for minimum wage, eh….?”

  1. M D Stine

    Has Pritzker disclosed within his plan what he will be paying hourly to those that will be unemployed due to a business not being able to afford employee’s at $ 15/hr PLUS Health and Govt. created carrying costs such as unemployment insurance charges or does the IL super leftr dominated legislature need to pass it so they can see what’s inside? Any shot Pritzker will reach into his Texas (no state income tax) based Trust Fund to fund those that lost their job due to a business not being able to survive?

    IL I believe you’ve seen this show before, someone without any documented “real world” experience, gets elected to public office and either votes only “present” or a slight deviation in this case gives unsustainable gifts in an effort to turn pro and become a self serving political character on the federal level. The entire state is poised as Pelosi coined to be “freed of job block” with this dung campaign promise, if this is what got him elected it really shows the desperation of the states population. The residents of Illinois can’t make ends meet due to the operating cost burden of the feeding the State Govt, how many folks working for the state are deemed non essential yet draw a salary package of more than $100K? If the government can give you the candy and are the provider of the sweets you are hoping for, they can take it away even quicker leaving it citizens dependant and without.

    Good luck Illinois with this gem and let me be the first to say, it IS NOT the responsibility of the taxpayers from the other 49 states and provinces’ to make good on the IL Govt. lies packaged as state legislation. Not everyone in the private sector’s 401K grew and many were lost in spite of the promise of the fund management companies promise the retirement funds would grow, State Employees should not be exempt from risk especially when they are now being paid greater than those doing the same job in the private sector that must be aware of profit and loss to keep their employer in business ….. End of Rant

    • Good rant, though. I can always tell which way a person leans when this subject comes up, because the unwashed masses and politicians are the only ones who WANT a minimum wage increase…the rest of us hold our breath and pray it doesn’t happen, not because we “don’t wanna part with profits,” but because we know the dire, negative impact it has on the economy as a whole. We have produced article after article about it, explaining it in the smallest words we can manage so that even the most Neanderthal among us will get it. But they don’t. They never do.

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