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CPatti apparently thinks Sherm is okay now; was at her place when arrested on warrant

Posted by on Saturday, January 12th, 2019 @ 5:40 pm.

Sherman Hilborn

CROSSVILLE, Ill. – Crossville’s perpetual pest is back in the news (it’s becoming a twice-monthly thing now), but not over an arrest or an incident or just being annoying…instead, her boyfriend is the one picked up in this sitch.

Patti Hyatt

White County Sheriff’s officials had the misfortune of dealing with Patti Hyatt, 56, whom they encountered on the afternoon of Friday, January 4, when right around 4 p.m., Sgt. Craig Poole traveled to Crossville to take Sherman Hilborn, 53, into custody.

Hilborn and his bad temper managed to catch a Class 4 felony charge of Domestic Battery with Other Prior Convictions this past October in an incident that gave CPatti (the ‘C’ stands for ‘crazy,’ which is not our moniker, but is how Crossville villagers refer to her) Hyatt, herself a felon, impetus to cause even more drama for herself,which you can read about at the hotlink on her name.

Hilborn, charged with Dom Batt of CPatti after an October 22 incident, made short work of it and entered a guilty plea two days later. He was placed on two years’ probation, given a6-month stayed jail sentence, and ordered to pay $1,733 in fines and fees…none of which has been paid.

Sherm was able to appear for two pay-or-appear dates (at which he obviously didn’t pay), but on December 20,he didn’t appear, and that prompted the court to issue a warrant for FTA (failure to appear). That was why Poole was there.

Hilborn was taken to the jail and on January 7, he was released on a $5,000 recognizance bond, meaning that he didn’t have to post any money for his release, but if he FTAs one more time,it won’t be a little payment on the fines and fees; it’ll be $500 or he sits in jail til someone springs him (for $500.)

Hilborn was give an court date for review on Jan. 14; we’ll see how that goes this week.

Interestingly, CPatti is set for a hearing this week as well.

On Jan. 17, she’ll be in front of Judge Tom Tedeschi on a petition to revoke her probation on her February 2018 Use of Vehicle in course of a Meth Crime. She, too, hasn’t paid any fines or fees, and owes $2,259 on that conviction.

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