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Another treat for you: Print Headlines for April 2018!

Matt Moye

Posted by on Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 @ 6:44 pm.

We're speeding along with the Print Headlines that we missed owing to circumstances beyond our control (*coffcoff*hack* Lyme *coff*), and today we're presenting you with the missed Print Headlines from the April issue of this year...so strap in for a fun ride, as this one was a BIG issue, since we brought you coverage that month of stories that no other media would touch.

Print Headlines, as our regular readers know, are a way for folks to peruse the offerings from the print version for the specified month, and hit a hotlink if they still have an online membership to the e-Edition Archives (or if they want to use a Day Pass for $2.99 or Week Pass for $4.99) to read that article and others on their computer or mobile device. Print Headlines are presented in order as they appeared in the physical copy of the paper: Front Page, Back Page (our second front page), Pages 2 and 3, Features if there are any (usually presented on pages 12 and/or 13), Egypt, Heartland, Central, and Op-Ed. They are presented by dateline (the location in the coverage area where the material in the article occurred), headline, and the lead stories have a brief synopsis in our own snarky Disclosure style. And now, without further ado, we present to you THIS ISSUE'S PRINT HEADLINES throwback-version, April 2018!


HARRISBURG - Dog tranquilized; outrage ensues: Remember this crap? Dog attacks postman, postman reports it, dogcatcher takes control, people have high-speed comeaparts. Folks....postal workers are a protected class; dogs who attack them, not so much. The outrage over this was off the charts...and this article tells the WHOLE story, not just what certain persons want you to read.

William Catt

WABASH CO. - Confesses in letter to judge: This boy, who's originally from Saline County, doesn't quite understand that what he's accused of doing is a wrong thing, apparently...because he's alleged to have kept on doing it after the FIRST time he was caught.

RICHLAND CO. - Ramey files appeal: You read it here first: Glen Ramey filed his appeal to withdraw his sentence within his statutory time window. As you all may know, however, he withdrew it mid-month this month...but here's the original article, outlining the steps the guy took, showing that he's not as "dumb" as he wants people to believe he is.

Richard Harper

HARRISBURG - City equipment used for personal purposes: Once again, corruption on the highest level....and once again, absolutely NOTHING done about it. Disgust over antics like this is what's causing the exodus out of Harrisburg...and there's no end in sight. At least for now, anyway.

CLAY CO. - No arrests made in Ingraham brawl: Video evidence shows kids beating each other up. Why no one was immediately arrested probably has a lot to do with a bunch of whiny underage brats thinking they awl dat because they the "rodeo boyz"....however, one has since been charged. With a misdemeanor battery after putting a boy in the hospital. Talk about being connected....


The voluminous files, all these in Hamilton County alone

Kristina Suprenant

HAMILTON CO. - Mother of murdered girl is sentenced in multiple DUI cases: After spending quite a bit of time in rehab, Kristina Suprenant is finally sentenced in all the DUIs she caught across Hamilton County. The sad part: She's the mom of Jessica Evans, the teen who was killed by Danny Coston in 2012.

Brittney Wead

SALINE CO. - Sex with inmate at IYC alleged: Why it is that someone who has nothing else going for her in her life but has a good job (a rarity at the time) and would allegedly jeopardize that job by being indiscrete with someone when she shouldn't be is absolutely beyond most people, us included.

Matt Moye

GALLATIN CO. - White County squatter charged in Gallatin Co.: Just so we have this straight...a guy can effectively stay in a house without paying rent, rip off the landlord of property, and because the landlord happens to be overseas on an assignment...there's not a lot that can be done about it...? Cmon. This guy is a menace. Get him in prison already.


SALINE CO. - County clerk fires two long-time office employees represented by union: Wanna know how Kim Buchanan lost her bid for re-election in the Primary...? This. This is how Kim Buchanan lost her bid for re-election in the Primary.


Egypt counties (also called South Counties, or SoCos) are Saline, Gallatin, Hardin, Pope, Williamson, Johnson, Jackson, Franklin and Union)

SALINE CO. - Convicted Eldorado thief charged with doing it yet again

SALINE CO. - Eldorado teen and violent cohort facing felony robbery charges

HARDIN CO. - Golconda suspected doper facing gun charge

GALLATIN CO. - 15-100 gram vag methamphetamine stash part of plea deal for prison

SALINE CO. - Pope County's 'Pope Dog' popped for DUI in Saline

SALINE CO. - Man awaiting trial for sex abuse charged with battering infant

SALINE CO. - Woman awaiting trial for beating a pregnant/handicapped person busted for beating police officer

GALLATIN CO. - Norris City doper and bud charged with LSD possession

POPE CO. - Golconda man busted after beer found in console during traffic stop

SALINE CO. - Violent Eldorado man charged with punching family member in the mouth

SALINE CO. - Traffic stop leads to felony charges

SALINE CO. - Eldorado man awaiting trial now facing charge in recent shooting

SALINE CO. - Carrier Mills man failed to register

POPE CO. - Convicted doper says he found his daughter's mom passed out with needle

POPE CO. - Tackle a family member and go directly to jail

GALLATIN CO. - Kentucky convicted sex offender sentenced following high-speed chase

HARDIN CO. - Charged with stealing water for months

SALINE CO. - Hardin convict busted for battery

GALLATIN CO. - Saline Co. criminal awaiting six separate trials bested in Gallatin Co. for burglary

POPE CO. - Simpson motorcycle man charged with drugs following police chase

POPE CO. - Grantsburg man charged in wake of early morning drunken outburst

SALINE CO. - Eldorado man with sweetheart deal for attacking cop busted again for violence

SALINE CO. - Alleged taco-maker busted for drug possession

SOUTH COUNTIES BRIEFS from around the Disclosure area... Man awaiting trial for guns and violence busted again / Goes to jail for lying to police / Stonefort man gets DUI on Karber’s Ridge Road / Drug arrests include 2017 case, Carrier Mills cocaine and Eldorado meth / Carrier Mills cocaine bust / Eldorado meth bust / Harrisburg man on drug probation busted for meth possession / Man awaiting three trials busted again / Harrisburg woman awaiting trial busted for the same thing / Four busted in local thefts, forgeries and bad checks / Hibbett heist / Bad check  / Creal Springs forgery / 4 felonies in 2 cases / Man grabs steering wheel, crashed car with kids / Meth felon busted for drug possession


Heartland counties (also called North Counties, or NorCos) are Crawford, Jasper, Clark, Edgar and Coles

EDGAR CO. - Fitness motion on file in Hefner case...and just in time, too; Hefner files multiple motions himself: The ongoing bizarre case of the man who claimed to be a federal law enforcement officer in Edgar...and they initially fell for it.

CRAWFORD CO. - Convict babied by prosecutor now facing drug possession charges

JASPER CO. - Crimes against persons and property dominate Jasper misdemeanors

CRAWFORD CO. - Lawrenceville trio charged with thieving from Robinson Walmart

CRAWFORD CO. - Traffic stop lands Robinson woman in jail on drug charge

JASPER CO. - Willow Hill man charged with attacking family member

CRAWFORD CO. - Palestine suspected drug dealer could lose cash stash

CRAWFORD CO. - West Union teen could lose ride in wake of drug arrests

JASPER CO. - Man charged with thieving from church

JASPER CO. - Five facing drug possession charges

CRAWFORD CO. - Is prosecutor hiding guns and drug case?

CRAWFORD CO. - Oblong drug convict charged with possession

CRAWFORD CO. - Bridgeport man faces weapons charge in Crawford

JASPER CO. - Newton druggie suspected of exploiting elderly


Central counties (also called CenCos) are our original core counties of Edwards, Wabash, Richland, Lawrence, Wayne, Clay, White and Hamilton

RICHLAND CO. - Red Rooster catfight includes bleach sprayed in woman's face

CLAY CO. - Edgewood suspected drug dealer busted for burglary

WHITE CO. - Couple jailed following beer bottle battering

WABASH CO. - Keensburg felon leads police on high-speed chase

LAWRENCE CO. - Bridgeport woman jailed for lying to deputy

HAMILTON CO. - McLeansboro woman charged with thumping violent household member

RICHLAND CO. - Calhoun doper charged with meth possession

CLAY CO. - Trio of out-of-towners busted with guns and drugs

WABASH CO. - Mt. Carmel man elbows cop, goes to jail

HAMILTON CO. - McLeansboro man charged with attacking wife

LAWRENCE CO. - Lawrence doper caught driving suspended

RICHLAND CO. - Noble man charged with threatening officer

RICHLAND CO. - Former Olney man accused of sexually assaulting teen

WHITE CO. - Raleigh teen nabbed in traffic stop charged with drugs

RICHLAND CO. - Olney crim charged as suspected drug dealer

LAWRENCE CO. - Former deputy has another credit card filing against him

WABASH CO. - Violent felon threatens to kill police officer

WHITE CO. - Crossville violent sex offender goes missing

WHITE CO. - Crossville weed dealer and young Norris City woman busted for possession

HAMILTON CO. - Small Claims filed in Hamilton

RICHLAND CO. - Mattoon man busted at Travelers Inn Motel for methamphetamine possession

CLAY CO. - Wabash sex offender caught at Clay County school dance

RICHLAND CO. - Convicted child abuser arrested for drug possession

CENTRAL COUNTIES BRIEFS from around the Disclosure area... Suspected drug dealer busted with dope and guns / Sumner men convicted of stealing farm equipment / Circle K gift card / Four-wheeler theft / ‘Homeless’ meth felon and housemate busted for possession / Drunk-driving prison rat calls BS in court, earning 30-day contempt sentence / McLeansboro drug dealer accused of battering pregnant woman / Man charged with breaking into Albion woman’s home and taking off in her car / Clay man on recog bond found with drugs, runs from police / Richland drunk driver charged with possession / Olney man claiming homelessness suspected of forgery / Ridgway teen arrested for violence at school

CLAY CO. - Dieterich man convicted for being drug dealer


GUEST COLUMN - An Ill. Department of Juvenile Justice story

MINKUS INK - Rollin rollin rollin...without...drivers?


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