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SENTENCING FINISHED: Reichert will spend the next nine and a half years in IDOC

Posted by on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018 @ 11:09 pm.

JACKSON CO., Ill. - The push to completely decriminalize cannabis in the state of Illinois won't help those who traffic large amounts illegally.

That's the thought that was one the minds of supporters and detractors alike today, Tuesday, October 23, where there was another emotional court hearing in Jackson County Courthouse as three more people testified on behalf of Christian Reichert's character.

You can read about Reichert, whose case exploded onto the scene in the summer of 2016, at this link. Some of the articles are subscription only, so get your PayPal ready if you want to know all the details.

Christian Reichert

Judge Mark Bloodworth stated today that it was a difficult decision, given testimony of the good Reichert had done in the past and how he had arrived here. 

Bloodworth noted Reichert's respectfulness and the fact that he had no criminal history; almost like there were two of him.

Reichert's statement included an apology to former officer Trey Harris and his wife as well as the entire Carbondale police force and stated that "if he could go back in time and change his actions, he would." He’s says he’s taking responsibility for his actions.

Jackson County State's Attorney Mike Carr ask for 15 years on Count 1 (Manufacture or Deliver of Cannabis more than 5,000 grams) and 40 years on Count 2 (Cannabis Trafficking more than 5,000 grams). Bloodworth imposed the following: 

On Count 1, Reichert received a sentence of 15 years with 2 years mandatory supervised release (parole) and on Count 2, 23 years  with 3 years mandatory supervised release.

Reichert did receive credit for 813 days served in Williamson and Jackson County. He will serve 9 and a half years total, given Illinois' ludicrous "truth in sentencing" guidelines.

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2 Comments for “SENTENCING FINISHED: Reichert will spend the next nine and a half years in IDOC”

  1. Carla Allen

    I was present at part of this trial and about the only thing I have to say is that Mike Carr is just as much of a clown in the courtroom as he is on television. This man definitely needs to spend some time in counseling. Here is a person that cannot see that Richie Minton murdered Molly Young but can pin trumped up charges on someone that was no where near the scene of the crime. Jackson County voters—I hope you can sometime watch this man in action and see the real person. He is such a phony…until of course he gets his hands on a case he is certain he will win while prosecuting, but such a chicken to take a real case on. What a joke of a States Attorney!!! God help the people in Jackson County and prayers that nothing criminal happens to you or a member of your family.

    • Agreed. You have to see it to believe it. I’m the one who shut down the Molly Young coroner’s inquest in January 2013 because Kupferer had everyone leaving the courtroom while jury selection was made, and we knew from experience that’s not how it’s supposed to go. So I went running across the courthouse and tracked down Carr, and asked him to cite the statute that allowed the coroner to kick everyone out of the courtroom. You should’ve seen Carr. His eyes were bulging out of his head and the veins on his temples looked like they were going to burst. He was sputtering and carrying on and I said “I’m not trying to do anything except get that statutory exemption that allows public hearings to be closed by a coroner, so please get that statute for me so I can report it accurately.” He ran like a shot to his office and came out (WITHOUT having enough time to look up any statute…because there WAS none) and literally RAN to the courtroom and stopped Kupferer, who was in the middle of selection. They stopped the proceedings, made an announcement that there’d been a “mistake,” and they allowed people in the courtroom until all seats were filled, with media and family in first. The haphazard way some things are done in Jackson is absolutely frightening….and for people who live there, if they dare speak out against it, there are generally repercussions πŸ™

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