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Can we all just stop pretending vaccines are SAFE…??

Posted by on Thursday, October 18th, 2018 @ 8:19 pm.

ILLINOIS - The ridiculousness surrounding the spread of acute flaccid myelitis or transverse myelitis in children across the country is...well...ridiculous.

That's largely because no one seems to want to point to a cause, and yet, there's empirical evidence of EXACTLY what the cause is: vaccines.

Yes, we know there are plenty of your readers out there that will screech to high heaven that this is a 'new form of polio and it's being spread by people who don't vaccinate!!' That, however, is hogwash. Having a vaccine-injured person on staff has given us a completely new perspective on exactly what's in the multitude of vaccines that are forced on people in certain professions as well as most kids if their parents want them to attend school (that's right; it's becoming more and more difficult to get out of the school-vaccine mandate), and that's who's being impacted by this latest thing: kids.

However, this isn't a "new form of polio." From this article, we read:

Public health experts view acute flaccid paralysis as “the most common clinical manifestation of paralytic poliomyelitis”—and when laboratory analysis points to poliovirus as the cause of those symptoms, that person is diagnosed with “polio.” However, when there is no confirmed poliovirus involvement, health providers instead diagnose the condition as “AFM” or “AFP,” even though the clinical picture is identical to polio. A Stanford neurologist admits that AFM “looks just like polio, but that term really freaks out the public-health people.”

So far, there's been no confirmed poliovirus in this outbreak - which, as the article points out, has been cropping up since 2014 and the most recent cases are an intensification of that - and so the "medical experts" (paid government mouthpieces) are hard-pressed to even ADDRESS this, let alone attribute it to something. And the easiest thing to rule out right away would be to make inquiry in each case as to whether any or all of these kids had any kind of vaccination prior to falling ill. But the government mouthpieces won't do that...because the "health industry" (now by and large owned by, you guessed it, the government, especially after Obamacare) holds sway, and they're really, really, REALLY pushing flu shots right now.

Which leads to the next thing we'll urge you to do: Do NOT get a flu shot.

Flu shots are an attenuated (reduced), but in some cases, supposedly 'killed' virus of the flu from the previous season. You cannot inoculate someone against a current strain of flu because it takes months to develop a vaccine against a current strain, and by that time, it's over. So the strain in the flu shot is a GUESS based on LAST SEASON'S STRAINS. If you caught the flu last year, you're already inoculated against that one. There is, therefore, no reason to inject yourself with any 'attenuated' or 'killed' virus...it's not going to help.

It can, however, hurt you. Some of the crap these vaccines, not just the flu shot, cause can be found here:

Note all the references here to these injections being causative for myelitis...which is what the kids in question are suffering.

This horror is visited on our kids from the moment of birth. And if you linked to the above articles, you'll have already come across the fact that you cannot sue vaccine manufacturers, as of 1986 (right about the time that a handful of shots for babies started turning into a multi-injection nightmare). So if you are still vaccinating your kids in an increasing amount every time the government turns around, this is what you're exposing them to.

We will likely never see a public, broadly-issued explanation of how these kids are getting acute flaccid myelitis or transverse myelitis. Because we're pretty sure that once it's discovered that all these kids either had a flu shot or some other commonality (in the form of an injection), it's going to disappear from the news cycle...and the compliant mainstream media won't pick it up and touch it again.

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