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Little earthquake rattles largely non-earthquake-prone area of Illinois

Perry County, Illinois


Terrain map of the area where the earthquake hit

Posted by on Saturday, September 22nd, 2018 @ 4:04 pm.

Perry County, Illinois

PERRY CO., Ill. - Perry County, situated in the southwestern portion of Illinois, isn't necessarily known for earthquakes.

However, one actually occurred there on Thursday (September 20) of this past week, just the latest in a line of small but significant little shakers that have occurred in southern Illinois over the past decade or so....significant because very little is known about whatever fault lines or substructures might undermine the landscape between the New Madrid Seismic Zone to the west and the Wabash Valley Seismic Zone to the east, with Perry County sitting pretty much smack dab in the middle.


Despite mainstream media trying to make the earthquake - a little 2.3 at a depth of roughly 8 miles, barely enough to register with folks at a quarter-til-1 a.m., let alone instruments - make sense in the scheme of known Illinois geology, it still doesn't. 

As you can see by the above map (which is ages old, and which we've used in the past to illustrate this same thing), the area that was shaken is known as the "Sparta Shelf," with an eastern-facing monocline (by definition, a "step-like fold in rock strata consisting of a zone of steeper dip within an otherwise horizontal or gently-dipping sequence") to the east. That literally doesn't translate to being an area prone to earthquakes. However, as mentioned, that's just what geologists KNOW about that area. There's way too much they DON'T know. And so that's why those little shakers in the middle of nowhere give us southern Illinoisans cause for pause.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey's "felt report" page, it appears no one felt it. So there's that.

However, the devices in the ground set to monitor these kinds of things say that it happened, so that's what we're going by.

There's a growing movement afoot to promote the idea that some of our geological formations deep underground may have been created by humans and on purpose, many many millennia ago. Weird as it might sound, such premises actually reflect the Bible account of things, and not the "big bang" theory (theory because no one can prove it, it's "science" so that seems to make it take precedence over scriptures.) This premise has it that we're not the first advanced civilization on the planet, and that an ancient civilization that sprang up about a thousand years or more after Adam was created was far more advanced than what we now experience. This would make sense in the big scheme of things if you believe the Bible...which speaks of fallen angels who created giants, called Nephilim, but kinda stops there (other than to say that these ones were ruining the earth). How were they ruining the earth...? The recently-developed premise is that they were mining the earth for something (precious metals and gemstones notwithstanding, but there may have been something else they were after that we will never know about). The premise goes on to note that many of our landscapes, rock formations, hills and valleys, flatlands, rivers, etc., are the result of this mining...the ancients, using huge, enormous mining contraptions, even more massive than the one you see pictured above, were just churning away at the land God made, taking what they wanted, and leaving hills, mountains, rivers, etc., in their wake.

Terrain map of the area where the earthquake hit

If you look at any topo/terrain map of our area, you'll see places where there are indeed hills that appear to have been created by mining/scooping/moving earth. Rivers run through these, which would be a consequence of deep mining (the Grand Canyon far out west of here is one of the places targeted by the premise as having been formed by such efforts). Most interesting within this theory is that there was slag formed in the process of mining (which is still true with much of today's mining), and for disposal of it, the ancients created hollows with kind of smokestacks atop to toss it all into in order to burn...which became what we know of today as volcanoes. That, too, would make sense if you ascribe to the Biblical account of the Noahic Flood....which God used to wipe out all the mining, as well as all the ancients, if you ascribe to the going premise.

Intriguing, and actually somewhat provable...if people would be allowed to prove it. But caches of gigantic human bones, found all over the world, are either destroyed or are swept off to the Smithsonian, never to be seen again. And in order to keep anyone from being an intrepid explorer and discoverer, many of these tracts of lands that appear to have been "mined" (take Garden of the Gods in Saline County, for example) are shut down to any further investigation, owned by the feds. In order to do any kind of excavation or mining of any large scale, an individual or company has to jump through endless hoops with government entities. Then, it's not exploring at all...it's just destruction for the sake of commerce (think aggregate suppliers down in Hardin County).

If this premise is true, then OF COURSE the government would approve destruction of something that might prove "science" wrong. They have to adhere to the big bang theory and evolution and all the garbage dredged up by atheistic libwhacks over the centuries. However, two very well-researched books tell it differently: Barry Fell's America BC, and Jonathan Gray's Dead Men's Secrets. Read these, and you'll at least become convinced that there are people who believe this premise and want to see as much done with it as possible (which simply isn't happening in this day and age of the government clamping down on everything we do.)

So what's under our feet...? We may never know. God knows, but right now He ain't talking about it...at least to our faces (Bible readers might beg to differ). So our suggestion is that you open your eyes and ears to what's really going on, and all the possibilities of what is bringing it about. The Bible does say that in the last days, there will be earthquakes in one place after another.

And we certainly have that, don't we?

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