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‘Homeless’ hispanics given a home – in jail; harassment arrest made in separate case

Lujan Ramon

Pearl Tapia

Michial Thomas

Tabitha Holland

Posted by on Tuesday, September 11th, 2018 @ 5:47 pm.

Lujan Ramon

WHITE CO., Ill. - Two hispanic individuals claiming they're "homeless" - despite one of them bearing the surname of a local family involved in significant crime over the years - were locked up yesterday morning after they were alleged to have been filching from a retail establishment...and the arrest lead to a meth find.

Things probably could only get worse for the two if they were to be found to be in the area illegally, but since authorities are wont to ask that anymore, we may never know.

Pearl Tapia

Whatever the case, Carmi Police report that at 10:08 a.m. yesterday morning (Monday, September 10), one Lujan (possibly pronounced "Lou Ann," to his great dismay) Salvador Ramon, 33, and Pearl Rose Tapia, 38, both of them reporting "homeless" as their address, were stopped at McDonald's parking lot on suspicion of stealing a fan and Flex Seal from Dollar General in Grayville (it's presumed here that they were stopped in a vehicle, so at least they have something to sleep in, which should make the bleeding heart libwhacks reading this feel a little better about the situation.) It's unclear how - or if - Pearl is related to the Tapias in Edwards County who have caused so much ruckus for years there.

LouAnn/Lujan, evidently having watched too many Flex Seal commercials and perhaps wanting to try it out (hence the two items he allegedly shoplifted) was arrested for Driving on a Suspended License and for Possession of Stolen Property. Tapia was also arrested on the stolen property charge. However, after a search of the vehicle, a corner baggy of meth and a meth pipe were found, so the two were additionally charged with Use Prohibited, Possession of Meth and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

To break the hearts of the libwhack readers who go by feelings and not by the law when it comes to these kinds of things, the "Use Prohibited" charge applies to the vehicle these two were riding in, so if they've been sleeping in it (bathing, eating, using the bathroom, etc), they might be losing their "home," as "Use Prohibited" allows prosecutor Denton Aud to put the car up for seizure (in terms even libwhacks would understand, that means the authorities are going to take the car from them to satisfy fines and fees, should they plead or be found guilty).

They were both housed at the White County Jail, where they remained as of this afternoon.

Michial Thomas

In other reports, a guy whose parents didn't know how to spell "Michael" found trouble when a 19-year-old Carmi girl rebuffed his affections - apparently, anyway.

Michial L. Thomas, 21 of Carmi, was arrested Monday after a complaint was signed against him by the aforementioned female, who shall be unnamed in this report. The complaint was for Harassment Through Electronic Communication Device. He's been able to post bond to secure his release.

Tabitha Holland

Last night at about 7:18, Tabitha M. Holland, 43 of Carmi, was stopped in town (in the alleyway north of the 700 block of Maple Street) for Driving While License Suspended.

A subsequent investigation got her also charged with Possession of Meth and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

She remains locked up in the White County Jail, as of this afternoon.

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