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Why is everybody overlooking the obvious regarding the NYT “anonymous” op-ed piece…?

Posted by on Thursday, September 6th, 2018 @ 8:53 pm.

I literally can't believe the stupidity that's gripping American society.

Who knows. It might be more widespread than America. Europe seems to be falling into utter decay since they've been allowing "refugee" migrants to overrun their communities no matter the country (well, maybe not Poland...), as an example.

But this failure to recognize what the most likely scenario in a particular matter is, when to most of us it's literally staring us in the face...that's troubling, folks.

I've been watching this idiotic "anonymous op-ed piece" coverage since it broke yesterday (Wednesday, September 5) and my immediate response - you know, gut instinct, which one should ALWAYS go with - was that the New York Times fabricated it. They didn't have an anonymous official; they didn't even pay an anonymous official to produce it (stuff like that has happened, folks. We've seen it ourselves). My gut said that the NYT pulled together some of their staff columnists and, probably with the promise of a nice bonus at the end of the year and perhaps a contract extension or two, had them sit in a room all day, developing it so that it didn't "sound like" any one of the columnists because it was an amalgam of all of them (writers develop certain cadences, expressions, and styles that can be identifiable. I'm sure you can look at my columns versus Ang's columns and be able to determine who wrote which news piece based on these singular identifiers....although we've had bosses in the past that have proclaimed that our styles are eerily similar, which made for a good, homogenous product when we were producing the print version of Disclosure).

Now, that's coming to the fore...slowly. Earlier, this piece from the Conservative Tribune explored it...and what I mean by that is they floated the idea out there. I know, that's getting close...but they're just not calling it. I am. I believe this, like most of the garbage that's been floated out there by the anti-Trumpsters, is made up. Fabricated. Concocted. Utter BS. You come on back to this post here in a few weeks and see if I'm not right. Because as a matter of national security, SOMEBODY had better fess up if it's real...or Trump has every right and reason to start subpoenaing people at the NYT...and if he does that, it's going to set a precedent for other agencies to go after other media.

Which what the failing New York Times probably want, and is probably why they did it, so they can be the ones to be screeching "SEE???" when Trump opens the door and other media outlets take the hit. Be careful what you ask for...and believe me when I tell you, the slippery slope's getting watered and is turning into slick mud. Think about it.

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