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Updates on progress with website, other changes

Posted by on Sunday, September 2nd, 2018 @ 3:47 pm.

We just sent out a second batch of refunds to subscribers, and wanted to let everyone know that. Some of our refunds have been taking a long time to get to certain locales; we've noticed that these are the same locales wherein our regular mailings of newspapers have been miserably slow (as many as two weeks) for the past couple of years and which increased after the first of this year. We're not going to name those locales, but subscribers know where they are. So be patient. Look at it this way....you won't have to deal with the animosity some postal workers have for Disclosure, ever again after this. This snail's pace stuff is aggravating to us, too, believe me.

We are refunding ALL subscribers in full; it will take a little while to get this accomplished, but it's going to get done. Look for a check from us in the mail if you're a subscriber.

As to the e-Edition, no, there was not a new e-Edition produced for this past month (August). The most recent one available will be July-August 2018. Those who are on a renewing, $5.99 month pass are now seeing that. The month renewal option has been pulled from our menu selection; if you are a month-to-month renewal customer, you have the option of suspending that account. Otherwise, we've removed it; instead, we are having week-to-week access, non-renewable, for $4.99. What that means is that, like the Day Pass for $2.99, you'll pay a one-time fee, and will have access to all e-Editions (every paper we've published from July of 2012 to July 2018) for a week. If you couldn't read all of our e-Editions in a week (and face it...that's a LOT of reading, with an average of 45 to 65 articles per issue), you then have the option of purchasing another week at $4.99.

PLEASE be sure to contact us at either admin@disclosurenewsonline.com or disclosurenewsonline@yahoo.com if you have ANY issues with your online membership access to the e-Edition archives. A few examples of the problems you might encounter are:
~ Your password goes to the email address with which you communicate with YOUR PayPal account. If you created your PP account more than a decade ago and you've changed email addresses since then, PayPal might not know that. They send your password to whatever the email address is that you signed up with; doesn't matter what you tell them during the signup process for here.
~ You might be trying to put in a fake email address, thinking this will keep us from knowing who you are when you sign up (this happens more often than we care to think and more often than you will ever know.) If you do that, and then write to us under yet ANOTHER email address to let us know you're having a problem signing up, it creates an additional layer of problems for both PP and for us. We can only identify you on the backside of our website by LEGITIMATE info; same with PayPal. So if you have difficulty logging in for whatever reason, be aware that we can only work with reality.
~ Before contacting our admin griping that we're stealing from you or some other sort of nonsense ("Yew tuk mah $2.99 an Ah nivver gawt uh PAYUSSWERRRRD!!! Yew STANK an yer RIPPUN MAY AWFFF!!", be sure you check ALL emails and ALL spam and trash folders for your password. Nine times out of ten that's exactly what happened...but our admin has to field all the nonsense, which kinda wrecks his or her day and slows down everything for everyone, including you. It's just not nice. Don't do it.

Jan Burno, topix nut

~ IP blacklisting is a thing. It happens one of two ways, the most common being that you tried to log in without a proper password too many times; however, you might also get caught up in our IP blacklist app that we had to install after we were hacked by the Ukranians in February 2016 (yes, contrary to what Nasty Susan Carole and Crazy Jan would have you believe on topix, we actually were hacked by Ukranians; we have the server logs and it's definitive...and if Chris had let us tell you that at the time, this wouldn't have become a topix issue du jour, but he has problems with us telling what happens to this website when it happens, instead of waiting 6 months...however, that's what he does. We've learned to live with it.) The blacklist app is rotating, meaning it doesn't stay stuck on the same IP but blacklists suspicious ones on a "rotating" basis. Occasionally it catches a real reader because with all the roving yall do, YOUR IP changes too, and the app picks that up and once in a while identifies it as 'suspicious.' This is for the protection of all; we dumped our Fecesbook page because internet thieves are taking advantage of two-factor authentication. We don't want internet thieves obtaining any of YOUR info through our website, so this rotating IP blacklist thing is what we do to prevent it. IF YOU ARE BLACKLISTED, simply contact us by email at admin@disclosurenewsonline.com or disclosurenewsonline@yahoo.com, and tell us which IP our page is saying is blacklisted. Do NOT screencap it on your phone or handheld and send it to us; it comes in too small and we can't see it (we're old, in case you hadn't been keeping up) and when we blow it up, it pixelates. Just send the number in, complete with the period dots between the numbers, and we'll fix it. Never assume WE have blacklisted you...we have the capability of doing that, but we don't; there are certain people we do boot off this page, but we don't boot them by blacklist because generally, they're not the only ones on that IP. So to recap...IP blacklist = not something we've done to you on purpose; contact us and we'll fix it 🙂

Once in a while, we just get a glitch and even the glitchies can cause you to be unable to access the e-Edition archives as well as what we have coming up for you. It's nothing you've done, nothing we've done...just a glitch. We can work through that too...just be sure and email us at one of the two addresses (and no...we don't have a phone that you can call and we'll talk you through the subscribing process. We have to keep our lines free, so we don't give those out; we might text you back on the tipline, however, but we still can't talk you through it, because it's nothing on your end, it's only what we can and will do on our end.) We just need you to contact us via the appropriate route so we can fix it, and you can read the e-Edition archives.

So now the big question: What takes the place of the e-Edition...? That's what we're working on this coming Tuesday at the staff meeting. We'll be making more announcements after that. Be watching.

Short URL: https://www.disclosurenewsonline.com/?p=105232

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