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Hardin County Sheriff has a solution for his jail that will benefit EVERYONE

Posted by on Saturday, September 1st, 2018 @ 4:33 pm.

Hardin County Sheriff JT Fricker

HARDIN CO., Ill. - Leave it to practical-minded Hardin County Sheriff JT Fricker to come up with a solution to an issue that's kind of crippled county residents and those from surrounding counties for several years now: The closure of the Illinois Department of Corrections work camp out on Highway 1 north of Cave-in-Rock.

Fricker posted on the Hardin County Sheriff's Department Facebook page the following:

For those mobile-y challenged, it reads:

When the Hardin County Work Camp closed our community took a hard hit. This was one of the few major employers in our area. Although our community fought to keep it open the attempts were unsuccessful and there are no plans of reopening it. Tonight (Thursday - Jack note) Sheriff Fricker met with the commissioners about his plan to pen the work camp as Hardin County's new detention center. The former work camp would provide us with enough room to house between 75 to 100 inmates and would employ approximately 35 to 40 workers! Our current jail is the 2nd oldest that's not had major renovations and the very smallest jail in the state. We house 6 inmates in 3 double cells and employ 3 full time and 5 part time jailers/dispatchers. Even though our jail always passes inspection without issues, the building is old and has been grandfathered in under Illinois Jail Codes. We are thankful for our jail however the new detention center will house federal inmates like Saline and White counties do now, inmates from surrounding counties that don't have jails and the overflow of inmates in other counties. Housing these inmates will bring in revenue for our community! We are currently working with state and federal resources to secure funds for this project. Although we are still in the early stages of planning we are excited for the employment and revenue opportunities and to bring life back to an existing resource in our community!



The Hardin County Jail/Sheriff's Office


It's a great idea...and it needs folks to get behind it; not just those from Hardin, but also from the surrounding counties of Gallatin, Saline, Pope, Johnson, etc....especially if the ongoing push to gather up illegals (federal criminals) begins in earnest and the facilities in counties where the majority of them light (Gallatin, White, Wayne, Hamilton and Franklin to the north; Johnson, Union, Jackson, Alexander to the south and west) fill up and overflow. Federal holding brings in big bucks, yours mine and our tax dollars at work...why not put them to work in a place where people need jobs??

Go to, JT....git er done.


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2 Comments for “Hardin County Sheriff has a solution for his jail that will benefit EVERYONE”

  1. regina rumsey

    its such a smart yt obvious solution for everyone. (except those incarcerated). if the state isnt going to use it soon, and selling it would be at a big loss vs the spent, for them. letting it sit empty, not controlling the temperature in the building, and no maintenance, will just make everything rot etc. *** if they gave HCSD something like a 99 year lease for $1 a year, it will be a profitable asset. instead of the financial burden it is to the state currently. add on helping tax payers by not only in safety, by aiding in a much needed jail/sherrifs dept. but also adding jobs to the area.all achieved with no down side. *** thats reelection material no doubt. <——- Mister Politician, go back and read the whole thing. Good luck hardin county. Mr Fricker … awesome job youre doin brother, all around. historically, the state of illinois govt. has been against good business. if it doesnt choke your citizens with regulation and debt, they usually arent interested. im not sure how they will feel about such a perfect proposition 😀 sincerely, good luck

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