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Good morning, and welcome to our first day without Fecesbook

Posted by on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018 @ 6:23 am.

Has it gotten this bad...? Yes. Yes it has.

No further message. Other than we've dumped our Facebook (Fecesbook) page. We just want you to know that.

Seriously, we hope you dump yours, too. It's become a racket, and we're not giving in to it anymore. They've harmed us for over four years. We're done.

We're having a meeting today to restructure the website. We have a comment section here on each post. We are considering a forum (conservatives only) like we had about nine years ago. This forum will be ONLY for people who like Disclosure. Haters will be banned permanently. We do that here; we've always done that; and we will keep doing it. Start your own website if you don't like it, but you're not going to come here and give us trouble when we work so hard to bring you news.

The changes will be announced as we get to them and we expect to roll some things out gradually.

Hope you stick around.

Check out our remaining social networking pages, which aren't libtarded like Fecesbook: GAB is the one we're keeping, and we now have a Minds.com page.

And don't forget (because apparently the word is slow getting out, since we didn't take it to our now-defunct Fecesbook page) - We're no longer producing the print version, so you won't be getting anymore copies in the mail. We will be refunding all print subscribers over the next several months, so watch the mail for your refund....and use it to subscribe to our online version, which is in the process of getting reworked and will be rolling out very soon!

Short URL: https://www.disclosurenewsonline.com/?p=105098

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11 Comments for “Good morning, and welcome to our first day without Fecesbook”

  1. M D Stine

    SOOOOOO ……. No Political Screaming, No pictures of food, No seeing posts pandering for attention, No feeling obligated telling someone you will pray for them OR being told you are in their Prayers(spelled “there” according to the post) even though they claim they are an Atheist, No telling homely people they look so young and beautiful even though the picture they posted could be admitted as evidence in court the person has actually aged at warp speed and has been ridden hard and put away wet daily the past 24 years and counting ……. HERE’S MY QUESTION TO THE TWO OF YOU ………Do you really think not reading something throughout the day that doesn’t insult your intelligence, experiencing lower blood pressure, being able to have actual conversations with another adult that is listening to understand rather than to respond, not having a political view screamed at you attempting to justify their party allegiance when in fact their party elected do not understand something as basic as the definition of “illegal” are you sure you made a smart decision and is demonstrating intelligent, common-sense the right thing to do in 2018? …… Asking for a friend


      You, sir, have absolutely made my day!!!

    • This is probably the most accurate assessment of how we’re “dealing” with no Fecesbook EVER. Also…add in there that we don’t have to post pics of our cats doing stupid stuff for Caturday; we don’t have to put up with endless SJWs; we don’t have to worry about the Harrisburg gangstas coming on overnight and spamming the threads about how we’re RACISS!!!; I mean…it’s like the sun has broken through the clouds for the first time in about 8 years.

      We can breathe and not worry about GARBAGE.

  2. Not to mention all the health benefits Mr. Stine pointed out…we have always despised F’book, but these days, we’re just NOT going to contribute to the animosity. We’re here for news, not entertainment. I don’t mind producing entertaining pieces, but dang….stuff has just gotten out of control. We’ve always been the news leaders in the area; I hope others take the initiative and do the same. The time for Zuckering has come and gone. It’s over. We’re over it. MOVIN ON!!

  3. M D Stine

    Is this where I’m supposed to type “Amen” and send this to 20 people in order to be blessed? …….. Facebook is a litmus test for how the left’s complete control of the education system the past 30 years has been dismantled. Yet another liberal success story ala Chicago, Detroit, the state of California,…..

    Much Love to both of you from NW CO

    • Yassuh….AMEN!!

      And we just need to come out to Colorado and hang out. We almost vacationed out there two years ago, just couldn’t find anything on VRBO that we loved as much as our beach place in Alabama. But now we’re on AirBnB, so we might find something good through them.

  4. M D Stine

    Our doors are always open to the Howser’s

  5. joann combs

    Jack why am I not seeing everything I payed 4.99 last Thursday

  6. joann combs

    When I go to members only it says I am not subscribed jack

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