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End of an age…and then there’s the piranhakeets

Posted by on Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 @ 1:58 pm.

The final issue of Disclosure came off stands Monday.

As with other local print news products recently, increasing mailing and materials costs have made it economically unfeasible to continue the print product. We experienced a postal increase in January, which didn’t help the delivery at all, and people continued to get their papers as many as two weeks after others receive theirs in the mail, and because they are consistently the same people, this leads us to believe that there’s something going on with the post office in those particular locales that amounts to targeting, which has been proven to have been done to us before, but not to this extent.

Further, costs of paper products shot through the roof in March of this year. Sadly, there are few paper mills in the U.S., and our print shop brought paper in from Canada. With the imposition of tariffs, we’re now being gouged by the Canadians and unfortunately, there haven’t yet been any American paper mills willing to take up the cause. We were notified of the first increase, which was to occur in March, on February 2 of this year. A month later came another notification of another upcoming increase in April. We cut back our press run, but literally we were paying more for our reduced numbers than we were even before with a full, regular press run. We said we’d give it six months, but increasing costs in simply operating the business have just made the whole thing unsustainable.

Although there will be no new e-Edition at this time, we are going to keep the e-Edition open and available in an effort to reorganize and restructure finances and operations. Those of you whose checks have come in for print subscriptions since we made this decision will see your checks returned to you; many have already been mailed. We will refund ALL print subscribers on a pro-rated basis.

We request that those who have our phone numbers please don’t call or text at this time; we have been busy the last two years battling Lyme, and are trying to get some rest after the pickup of this last issue yesterday (Monday, August 20), as the treatment is sometimes as rough as the disease. We thank you in advance for respecting this request. We also ask that you check into Lyme, as it is debilitating and MUCH more common in this part of the country than your doctors want to admit. It has almost completely sidelined Ang (since it’s likely she’s actually had it for about two decades now), and there’s a strong suspicion that Lyme is what’s caused her multiple sclerosis and recurring cancers. Lyme is caused by spirochetes (‘spiro-keets,’ like parakeets, but around here, we unaffectionately call them piranhakeets, as the spirochetes actually eat a person’s cells and consume the body from the inside out.) They viciously focus on brain and spinal cord cells. This is why many Lyme patients show early-onset dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and a host of other “diseases” mainstream medicine wants to sell you a “treatment” for…when it all could probably be avoided if doctors would stop denying that there’s Lyme in them thar woods, catch it early, and try to wipe out the piranhakeets before they wipe out YOU. (And also decriminalize cannabis completely, as it is one of the best curatives for Lyme-induced effects and might actually wipe out the piranhakeets if caught early).

Anyway, that’s where we are. It’s been a good past 15 years. Thanks for your support.


(By the way…this won’t be taken over to the Facebook page…we have too much to do this week with the restructuring and reorganizing, and it’s not time to shut down the Facebook page yet [which we are still doing]; I don’t have time to babysit the page for comments from haters. So if you want to comment, please do so here.  Haters will be closed off from the page, so our message to them is…stay away. They’re part of the problem, and they are in large part responsible for the lack of unbiased media in this part of the state. Think about it.)

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15 Comments for “End of an age…and then there’s the piranhakeets”

  1. Peggy Sauls

    We love you (for the most part) please don’t go away!

    • We’re trying not to go away! We just need to pull in a bit and reorganize. We’ll still be around!

      • Peggy Sauls

        This seems to be happening to
        some other local businesses that may be stepping on some toes.

        • Since we’re getting out of the print business, we can now tell how we lost all vendors in Eldorado: Leon Russell wanted a liquor and gaming license. Rocky told him “I’ll go to bat for you if you drop Disclosure.” We had already had some trouble in two ROC One-Stop locations with a delivery team fighting on the job and acting like idiots in front of our vendors and their customers, something we didn’t come to know until later. By that time, we’d already terminated that delivery team, but the damage was done, so when Rocky said that to Leon, Leon is reported to have said “sure!” and we were out. Robert Wilson was in this mix, too (I think as legal counsel for one of them). So never believe that the dirty tricks don’t go on daily. They wouldn’t do that to any of the pussified media that covers this area; only to us because we tell what actually happens. And if they’re doing that to people with a voice and a platform like we had…what are they doing to those who DON’T?

  2. mistis

    I did read the article but am still a little confused, and that’s why I’m asking this question: Will you continue with just the e-Edition or is it over too? If you’re continuing the e-Edition, when will the next one be published?

    • We’re having a reorganizational and restructuring meeting this weekend, and we’ll iron out the details with the e-Edition then. We definitely will be continuing in-depth coverage for the e-Edition; we just need a little time to sort it all out and see who’s available to do what. We should know in a few days what’s going to happen. Thank you so much for reading!

      • mistis

        Thank you for the information. I hope y’all are able to continue. You’re pretty much the only local news publication I read and trust. You guys still post honest news, and these days that’s getting harder to find, unfortunately.

  3. Rhonda Rose

    Im so sorry to read this!!! Best wishes to you and Ang!!!

  4. Buster

    I am glad the E-Edition will continue and real journalism will still be out there.
    You were the only News outlet in the Tri-State who reported accurately the
    situation at UMV in Lawrenceville. Reference: “Bogus Embezzlement Claims
    Causes Chaos”. (July 16, 2018) You took the time to actually do some research
    and get the facts, something another “Coverage You Can Count On” TV News
    reporter didn’t seem to be interested in.

  5. Thank you, Buster. What they did to Paula was an atrocity. And the problem is…no matter who they bring in now, they’ll do it to that individual, too. Things are not run well there at UMV, true…but it’s not the director’s doing. Sad that all the locals were hornswoggled into believing that it was; they lost probably one of the best directors they ever had (at least that’s what the honest employees have told us.)

  6. Michael Ratcliffe

    Well…this explains a few things. Just now saw this, after asking Ang in a facebook PM where the Disclosure page there went…might actually do an e-subscription soon…after years of being dirt-poor (since I quit cooking/doing meth) my finances are basically doubling…I’ll still be poor but twice as rich, if that makes any sense. lol

    I haven’t always agreed with everything you guys have written, but I’ve never agreed with everything anyone says…you’re good people in my book.

    • Thanks…we’re trying to stay on top of things, but they just keep getting worse. Lyme is a hideous, debilitating disease. They may have caught mine early enough, but she’s had it for 20 years almost. The damage is done. You actually wouldn’t recognize her now. Last week she stepped on the scales; it read 114. That’s about 40 pounds since November of last year, most of it coming on about May of this year when things started getting really bad. We really don’t know what to do at this point, but we’re still trying to get the news out (today’s wealth of material provided because I had to stay home with her, so I had a lot of time on my hands). And then there’s the threat of being fined by the Brits because our stuff isn’t PC enough. But we are ever-vigilant! 🙂

    • The old saying goes “I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy”…but actually, I would. I’ve learned that I’ve had this for 20 years, it goes into remission, I don’t die, then it comes back and I spend about two to three years at a time only WISHING I would just up and die. So as far as my “worst enemies” go…? Yeah. I wish every last one of them would feel this way, for about a year. Then at the end of the year, I’d like to stand over them and say, “So. You still think I’m just making this all up???” And then I’d pray for them that it goes into remission and that they’d have a better attitude.

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