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Treston Miller, disrupting the city council meeting in January 2018

Griffith, standing watch

Posted by on Thursday, August 16th, 2018 @ 4:04 pm.

Treston Miller, disrupting the city council meeting in January

MARION, Ill. - The punk kid who thought he'd smirk and giggle his way through proceedings against him in court today suddenly was jerked out of his ill-timed hilarity when he found out that goofing off on topix can come at a really high price.

In Treston Miller's case, that price is a million-dollar bond.

Miller, 21, was in court today following his arrest earlier this week on allegations that he made threats regarding "shooting up" Lincoln School in Marion a couple of weeks ago. Alert Marion citizens brought the threats, appearing in posts on McClatchy's ghetto-of-the-internet forum, topix, beginning in early August, to the attention of authorities. It's reported that Marion police officials apparently contacted topix, learned what the internet provider (IP) of the commenter was, and traced it back to a device Miller had (as is usually the case on topix, which has ones of readers, Miller is reported to have used multiple IDs on the forum to make it appear as if he were conversing with others).

Miller is reported to have confessed to the postings when he was taken in for questioning by Marion authorities.

His hearing this morning was delayed a couple of times, but finally, he was brought in from the jail for the court call occurring after 1 p.m. Clad in a green, padded dress-like garment with chains wrapped around his waist and securing his wrists, Miller was smiling and almost laughing in an eerie way when he saw Disclosure's correspondent (Becky Grimes, who has been a target of Miller's ire ever since she covered his bizarre behavior at a January Marion City Council meeting).

However, when the judge granted the million-dollar bond the state was asking for in the case, that smile and laughter dried up quickly, as Miller appeared to finally get it that his online harassment was now at an end and with any good fortune, no on else will be subjected to it again.

Miller is charged with three Class X felony counts of Making a Terroristic Threat on three occasions on social media, July 27, August 2 and August 7, 2018. Assistant State's Attorney Andrew Wilson not only asked for the high bond, but for a mental health evaluation for Miller, another facet of the proceedings that seemed to deflate the defendant. That too was granted, as was a request that he relinquish all firearms (he has none, it was discovered), and have no contact with any schools either public or private.

While Miller might be thinking this is all over the top for something he may have been just "goofing around" over, local authorities did not.

Griffith, standing watch

Early this morning our correspondent traveled to Lincoln School to find a Marion Police Officer, Kathleen Griffith, watching over things, so in case someone got the idea to pull a "copycat" of Miller's alleged threats (which does happen), there would at least be a police presence.

Miller waived a right to a hearing for today, and has been scheduled to appear back in court on Aug. 30. He has been assigned Public Defender Theresa Thien to represent him. Miller remains locked up at the Williamson County Jail.

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  1. Groucho

    Good. An additional charge should be ” wearing pants 1/2 way down the butt with underwear sticking out” .This gavone wants to look and act like a thug, he gets to go where real thugs go….

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