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Keep Carbondale Beautiful: Mulch volcanoes kill trees; more is not better

Posted by on Wednesday, August 15th, 2018 @ 8:42 pm.

Photo: Taken at a site in Carbondale

CARBONDALE, Ill. - Too many landscapers put too much mulch around trees. You can see trees like this (above) all over town. Arborists call it a mulch volcano. 

Mulch that is laid on too thick can keep moisture from reaching the roots, or it can hold in so much moisture that the roots start to rot. Mulch against the trunk of the tree stresses the stem and invites rodents, insects, and disease to damage the trunk. It can also lead to root girdling.

Proper application means 1-4 inches of mulch, spread like a flat donut from the edge of the tree flare to the drip line. It should not touch the trunk of the tree. This takes more time, which may be why it is hard to find.

Mulch is wonderful for trees and can be applied every year. Mulch insulates the soil, keeps weeds out and water in, reduces use of lawn mowers or weed eaters that can damage the trunk. As it breaks down, it improves the soil.

More information can be found on line by googling “mulch volcano”or go to isa-arbor.com

Keep Carbondale Beautiful promotes beautification and education through its tree sales.  This fall’s tree and shrub sale will be October 6 at Murdale Ace Hardware. More information at keepcb.org/tree-sale.

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