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Protestors out in force over UMV in Lawrenceville….but are they protesting the right thing…?

Posted by on Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 @ 3:14 pm.


LAWRENCEVILLE, Ill. - Much is being made over a big "protest" that was going on out in the heat today in Lawrenceville over what's happening at the United Methodist Village nursing home/care facility there in town.

The focus of the protest is something mainstream media has been following for a couple of weeks now - and we've not produced anything about it in that time (there's a good reason for that) - and the reason for both of those facts is the same: There's a little more to it than what MSM is telling you.

And that, we've discovered, isn't what the protestors are fussing about.

Here's one of the plethora of vids sent to us today by concerned readers:

While we applaud their efforts (because people have the right to peaceably protest in this country, still, although certain factions are trying mightily to force the government to crack down on such a thing, the same as they're trying to do with freedom of the press and freedom of religion), sadly, they've kind of developed their protest out of the mob mentality created by MSM whipping everyone into a frenzy over allegations regarding the facility administrator Paula McKnight.

And what we're discovering is that the whole thing might not be solely in McKnight's lap.

Further, nobody is bothering to tell these protestors that they might be setting themselves up for litigation, as McKnight is NOT a public official. She's a private citizen employed by a private facility: Neither McKnight nor UMV get taxpayer funds directly (which we touched upon in this article late last year, one that we sent up warning alarms over how UMV was being run), only indirectly (through billing Medicare/Medicaid for clients). So they're not subject to FOIA; they're not subject to public scrutiny of operations/employment records/etc; and in fact, McKnight might actually have a case against anyone who is accusing her of a crime without being charged with one, as has been alleged in a host of emails, messages and other communications we've received over the past couple of days.

Anyone who protests a private business might do themselves a favor and brush up on defamation law in the state. It's actually a federal tort, and it appears it might be applicable in this case. A person cannot be publicly accused of a crime unless they are the complainant (and then only with the evidence) or the prosecutor...and there's been nothing filed, and no one involved has thus far provided us with evidence that a crime has been committed, even though many have claimed they have it.

We'll have as full of a report as we can possibly get in the upcoming issue, July-August, on stands in a week. Keep your subs or online memberships (e-Edition) up to date by clicking the links on the highlighted words, or pick up a copy on stands at our wonderful and dedicated vendors; in fact, get out between now and next Tuesday and pick up the current issue (June-July) so it'll be easy for us to deliver the new one by putting it on empty racks. We promise you will NOT be disappointed.

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