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Censoring dissent: Didn’t we already move past this garbage in 1776…?

Posted by on Monday, June 11th, 2018 @ 8:04 pm.

As this was being typed (on deadline…as way too frequently is occurring these days…and I mean RIGHT ON deadline…as in, this goes to press in a few hours…), riots were continuing in England.

I don’t blame them; there’s a lot going on in England. In London, voters a couple of years back made the mistake of electing someone for mayor who has zero respect for the country as a whole and wants to change it “fundamentally.”

Sound familiar?

For those who aren’t aware (because really…we’re in cornpone Southern Illinois…why should we care a whit what’s going on in the streets of London; we ran those limp-wristed whiners off our property long ago, right?), the mayor of London since May 2016 is Sadiq Khan, a lawyer of Pakistani heritage who served as a member of parliament for 11 years. And if you’re wondering what’s wrong with this picture, you have no further to look than the descriptives “lawyer” and “Pakistani heritage.” That leaves the guy possessing a double-whammy against him when it comes to making nonsensical decisions like banning the citizens from being able to keep knives in their kitchens because crims on the street are using them to commit crimes (you know; because guns are banned in that country, too; only the bobbies can bear them).

Yes, I’m calling into question the man’s career choices and background; you betcha. Why?

Because we’re in America, and we can still do that here.

They can’t in England. That’s what this column is about. Riots in London. Remember?

Why are they rioting in London?

Because at least one man is calling it as it is over there…and he’s been jailed, without a trial or anything even resembling due process, and the citizenry are worried that it’s going to happen to them next.

Yes, this can happen to you

At least many people in London see that this is a reality, unlike such a vast number of citizens here in America, who can’t seem to bring themselves to imagine the tragedies and travesties of justice that have befallen, say, people like me and Jack, could actually happen to them, too.

And when these things continue to happen with no recourse, without anyone addressing and adjusting it, well…that’s what we in the news business call a “slippery slope.”

It’s being watered, not with the blood of tyrants on which the tree of liberty thrives, but by the sweat and tears of those who are being trampled on daily by the powers-that-be, as we are trying to struggle up that slope and get to where we can find someone, anyone, who can help us bring to light the ongoing suffocation of real civil liberties, not the ones the whiny snowflakes believe they have as civil liberties…you know, like forcing sensible people to pay their way instead of working for it, as an example.

But this isn’t a column about shirkers and handouts. This is a column about robbing someone of his freedom without cause.

And that’s what’s occurred in London, which is why people are rioting…and why mainstream media is studiously refusing to cover it.

I’m talking about Tommy Robinson, who, as you read this, is sitting in a London lockup, sentenced to be there for the next year, as of about two weeks before street date of this publication he had what can only be described as a kangaroo court trial, with an arrest, charges, tribunal hearing, verdict, sentencing and transport to jail for a 13-month sentence all taking place within the span of less than four hours. On a weekend. That’s dedication to the crown right there.

If you do a perfunctory search online about Tommy, you’ll likely find mostly articles demonizing him, calling him an “alt-right” reporter, a “far-right” activist, a “racist” and “bigot,” and general crap-stirrer (I’m being nice). True, Tommy Robinson (that’s not even his real name) is a jerk. He’s abrasive. He doesn’t like the illegal immigrants flooding into his country in the form of Muslims breathing threat and murder against anyone who opposes their street-gang tactics (and believe me…they’re engaging in them). He’s been open about speaking out against what is now un-speak-out-able in England – opposing the flooding in of these “migrants” from Arab countries who have no reason to be there other than, let’s face it, an invasion.

The perfect storm

There is a perfect storm brewing in England and indeed many European countries which are now beginning to figure out that globalism and one-world governments (the EU) simply don’t work. When you keep your population so diluted with people who don’t care about what’s best for the country, and want to impose their (heathen and warlike) lifestyle on said country, you’re bound to start having the complications they’re now suffering.

They have illegal Muslims overrunning them, eking out “enclaves” in certain sections of towns all over the country where it’s literally dangerous for non-Muslims to go.

They have strict gun-control laws, so citizens cannot defend themselves against the various attacks that include knives and vehicles (the former of which they’re thinking of outlawing; the latter of which, I’m pretty sure, the powers-that-be would LIKE to outlaw, except for the wealthy).

They have a mayor in London whose heritage is emboldening these illegals to perpetrate their crimes, because he’s calling for folks to “go easy” on them.

Some of these illegals have been accused of gang rape of children – CHILDREN – and you’d think that folks would want to know about these proceedings. But the government doesn’t want the citizenry to know – another element of the perfect storm – and in order to keep the questioning down, they’ve passed a law that only recently went into effect in England – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – wherein you can’t even share a meme on your social networking page without the possibility of reprisal, which could involve being shut down and jail.

No, I’m not kidding. GDPR, in Europe, is their equivalent of the now-deceased Net Neutrality bill here in the states. People who were ever in favor of NN, frankly, are mislead and, if they don’t do accurate research on NN, are largely oblivious. Net Neutrality, which we’ve written about extensively in the past when Obama was trying to ram it down our throats, is just like anything else the O or Clintoon-era rulers pushed on us, and is the opposite of what the name denotes (also known as Orwellian speak…up is down, left is right, bad is good). Under GDPR, people can see their name or face in an online report, and can then request of the news agency that the entire report be removed, even if that person is just an incidental individual in the background of a vid being shot for news purposes. And whether it’s removed or not, the news organization can be issued a fine immediately, without a hearing or trial, by the hosting government. Did I mention this is draconian?

So you can imagine how gripey the people who are the subject of a news report – like the Muslim gang child rapists in London Tommy Robinson was reporting on when he was arrested – are going to be.

Bold and bellowing

They’re emboldened by this law. I mean, we get weekly some moron “demanding” that we remove their mugshot or report of latest arrest or whatever from our website, something that ain’t happening, as it’s perfectly legal for us to publish said material. But this complaining has been going on for years. Often we make examples of them by putting up an entire post devoted to our online convos (Patti Hyatt is a frequent flyer; she’s clueless as to what constitutes “public” information); sometimes we have to get an attorney to tell them to shut up; a limited handful of times, we’ve actually had to call and get the law involved, as some of it constitutes harassment.

But under an American version of GDPR (Net Neutrality), these people would have a valid gripe…meaning that while we’d done nothing wrong by reporting the news, if we hurt the widdle feewings of some newsmaker (an individual arrested, charged, convicted or exonerated, etc), we have to take steps to rectify it.

Is that not insane?

And that’s what got Tommy Robinson hemmed up.

He wasn’t “protesting” anything. He wasn’t even opining at the point he was arrested; he was just giving a report. The accused Muslims may or may not have complained about his reports; I don’t know. But Robinson was arrested in violation of GDPR. Given that he’d already been previously arrested on similar grounds last year, he was on their equivalent of “probation.” So he was taken into custody, charged, tried, convicted and jailed (all on a weekend), and the Muslim gang-rape-of-children trials went on without him.

And two weeks later, riots are going down in London town over Tommy’s arrest, because people are beginning to see how this is affecting them. This situation with having the internet restricted for them – as many huge news organizations have been forced to black out access in the country unless they agree to comply in advance with whining complainants – is scaring them. But not so much that they cower down and bow to the crown. No, they’re wisely seeking the course of protest…because this is getting out of control, and quickly, and if you give certain governments an inch, they’ll take a mile. Or several.

They’re exercising that right before it’s removed from them. I predict it will be, and soon. They just want the draconian laws that got Tommy Robinson put in jail lightened up some, and I concur. Because I’m sitting here on deadline exercising my First Amendment right to opine typing these words, with a loaded weapon not far from me as my Second Amendment right, getting ready to help Jack post this stuff to the e-Edition, which is also my First Amendment right along with 14th (as it pertains to our right to engage in commerce), and I foresee the time coming, very soon, when the globalists that put all that nightmare in place in Europe are going to somehow impose all of that on us right here.

We’re not doing it, just so you know. So stick around and see how this fight shakes out.

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