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Bassemier tries his hand at streaking, fails; syringes found in clothing

Posted by on Monday, June 11th, 2018 @ 6:26 pm.

Zachary Bassemier, after the deputies helped him find some clothes

WHITE CO., Ill. - There's nothing like a little nekkidity to get the blood pumping, especially when one does such a thing out in public.

And that's just what happened in the wee hours of Saturday, June 9 (at approximately 2:16 a.m.), when deputies from White County, city police from Carmi, and personnel from county dispatch came in contact with one Zachary L. Bassemier, 28, of North Fourth Street in Carmi.

The "contact" was rather informal: Authorities had already been alerted by a passing motorist that a naked male was seen on Main Street in Carmi; then those outside the sheriff's department personally observed Bassemier, naked and walking east in the alley behind First Bank east of Walnut Street.

As Bassemier approached the sheriff's department, he began to run toward the officers standing in the alley, yelling as he ran. Deputy George Spencer asked Bassemier what he was doing, and said that Bassemier at first stated "I guess it's some funny joke," then said "the cops wouldn't let me have any clothes." When Spencer asked what cops he was talking about, Bassemier stopped talking and stood against the outside jail wall.

Bassemier was told he could enter the jail so that clothes could be found for him, and that seemed to be just the thing he wanted to do: Bassemier voluntarily walked into the jail holding cell while officers attempted to speak with him. Bassemier, they reported, did not appear to be in his right mind and made statements that led officers to believe he may be under the influence of an unknown substance. The White County Ambulance Service responded to evaluate Bassemier, observed him, and determined he did not require any further medical attention.

When Spencer went to speak with Bassemier, Bassemier asked what his bond was.

When Spencer told Bassemier he hadn't been charged with anything, Bassemier looked at Spencer as though he was uncertain of what exactly had taken place. Bassemier then advised that he believed he had been brought to the jail by police officers.

Spencer advised Bassemier of what had happened - that he had approached officers while naked in the alley outside the jail - and Bassemier didn't respond to this information.

Due to Bassemier's erratic behavior, and his apparent difficulty in understanding what the situation was, officers didn't feel it was safe to release him. They contacted White County State's Attorney Denton Aud, who agreed with officers, and advised that they could place Bassemier under arrest for Disorderly Conduct without a signed complaint from a member of the public.

Bassemier was processed for that charge and held pending posting of bond.

A few hours later, at approximately 8:15 a.m., Deputy Randy Graves received a call from an employee at Plum Street Pharmacy.

The employee advised that there was a backpack and shoes in front of the store, and clothing next to the drive-through.

Graves responded; in the front of the building he located a backpack and two pairs of shoes. On the south side he located a pair of khaki shorts and a shirt. In the roadway there was a pair of underwear. Graves took the items into his custody, and in the shorts pocket he located a wallet with the ID of Zach Bassemier. Inside the shorts pocket was a syringe. Inside the backpack there was clothing and five syringes. Those syringes were new and had not been used. These were discarded into the sharps container at the sheriff's department.

The syringe located in the right front sh0rts pocked had been used, however, as it had blood inside the syringe. That one was prepped to be sent off for possible DNA and to see what drug was used.

Bassemier remained locked up in White County as of this evening, Monday, June 11.

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