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Girlfriend takes advantage of the situation to cause drama for “missing person”

Posted by on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 @ 9:16 am.

JOHNSTON CITY, Ill. - Authorities in Johnston City have contacted Disclosure to advise that they have been overwhelmed with calls about the woman who was reported missing from that town last night.

And while it's great that everyone jumped right on it, and tried to help locate Alisha Dunning...she wasn't missing.

Alisha Dunning, photo submitted

As it turned out, her girlfriend (we don't know if this is a GIRLfriend girlfriend, or a girl who's a friend; anything goes these days, so whatever) is the one who started the drama after the two got into an argument over food Sunday night, and Dunning walked out of the house to cool off rather than stay and fight.

You read that right.

They got into an argument over FOOD and the gf wanted to fight so Dunning left.

Friends of the two who know what went on told us that Dunning had no phone with her (as reported) because the gf took it.

And it gets worse.

"Alisha called county and let them know she is alive and well that she just needs a break and she doesn't want (the gf) to know where she is," a friend of both of them wrote to us last night (Monday, May 14). "She told the police that she is grown and doesn't want to go home right now. Her daughter has known where she was all day long. How it got to THIS I'll never know. (The gf) was posting that she was at the bar drinking and taking xanax (CLARIFIED: Atavan) so she must not be as concerned as she has let on because Alisha has tried to call her and she is passed out now and not answering the phone. Again...you can call county and confirm that she has called them. She didn't want all this drama she just wanted to be away from (the gf) for awhile. With no Facebook she had not seen that (the gf) had posted about it and that it has been made into a huge deal. Anyway just letting you know. There is no sense in people looking for someone that was just running from a domestic situation."

Now, this might be seen as unfairly busting out the girlfriend, whose name we know only as "Trish." But given the huge deal this caused last night, it appears that this is warranted.

Because here's the deal.

There are a LOT of missing people in southern Illinois. It's like we're a dumping ground for those who have ill intent toward humanity. Given the atrocious way the state, various counties and various burgs are run (and we're not saying ALL; we're saying "various," so don't go there), that kinda stands to reason. If resources to search for a missing person are stretched, if the state is saying they HAVE to raise your property or other taxes so that they can fund pensions in TOWNS that have been irresponsible with their pension funds, if these towns have to lay off the majority of their police forces because they can't pay pensions until the state robs that money from YOU by way of property tax increases...what a great way for crime to flourish! You've got pissant idiots every day thinking they can get a cash cow out of public officials by suing them for some perceived infraction or another (think whiners in jail who claim some kind of slight by a CO; we've had plenty of letters to the editor about THAT recently) and engaging in this frivolity en masse as soon as they hear that some other idiot tried it and won, thereby getting away with it, while yours my and our tax dollars go through the roof, and those who don't even PAY property taxes sit there and collect their big Earned Income Tax Credit at tax time and blow it all on dope and commit crimes under the influence (or to get more when the tax-funded stash runs out), thus perpetuating the problem because the cops are now laid off and can't investigate the dope problem, let alone a missing person or an unidentified body...see how this is an endless circle? Illinois is the very definition of the snake eating its tail.

Ed Hataway

Beth Bentley

Joel Moore

So we get a drama queen who takes advantage of a situation that SHE started, begging people for help, stating she's gone to the authorities and they can't do anything for 48 hours because the woman is an adult (that's the law, kids), and begging the public to step in and the media to "do something." I don't know how many times we've seen the situation whereby a person is telling us someone is "missing and the cops won't do anything" and we find out later that the person had something untoward happen to them (think Ed Hataway, Beth Bentley or Joel Moore), but I can tell you that ONE person having a horrific fate befall them because folks didn't move fast enough is one too many. And don't get me started on missing kids/young people (think Megan Nichols). Sometimes law enforcement's hands are tied due to the law. If you don't like that, do like we do and WORK TO GET THE LAW CHANGED. But don't tie up resources when the situation doesn't warrant it. Because that's just ridiculous.

Our law enforcement personnel ARE overworked here in southern Illinois. The crime here in the last 25 years or so has taken on incredible proportions. Conversely, drama has taken a marked increase since the supersatuation of social media, where everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame if they post enough pics of their ducklips or strange proclivities. Combine the two aforementioned factors and you get a situation like what occurred last night, and we get Johnston City police calling us and asking us to take the post down. We didn't, and we're not. We're leaving it up so you all can see...some people put media in a bad position; we're damned if we do and damned if we don't. We're NOT going to stop posting about a missing person if someone is insistent and it's before the 48 hours authorities have to wait are up. But we ARE going to bust you out bigger than sh!t if you do what this chick did. So think about that. If it's worth the ostracism, go for it. But don't be surprised if eventually we, like the police, just start telling people to sit tight and wait 48 hours...because if a body is found in hour 49, those who make frivolous reports are the ones to blame, not us and certainly not the authorities, as they, like we, are just doing the jobs we're all tasked with doing.

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