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What F___book does to conservative pages

Posted by on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 @ 8:03 pm.

A screencap of CBS coverage of Zuck's testimony on Capital Hill...where he's speaking to several congresscritters to whom he's contributed roughly $400,000 in campaign funds over the past several years. No chance of bias here. None at all.

Since Mark Zuckerberg is has been in the news cycle so much recently, we thought we might show you what Fecesbook has done to us recently, as well as over the years.

We started our Fecesbook page in March of 2010 without much thought to it because we were too busy running the paper and this website. When we started social networking pages (Twitter and Google+ at about the same time), people were flocking to THIS website to comment on articles. Then about 2011-12, everybody moved over to Fecesbook to comment...which wasn't good financially, but we learned to work within it.

When it got to be good financially in 2012 through early 2014, we handled it by hiring people to manage our social networking pages (yay for capitalism and creating something out of nothing! That's how jobs are created, folks...not everyone can be a government employee or sue somebody to get a big ol windfall) and getting great turnout on it.

Then in the overnight hours of March 8 into 9, 2014, Fecesbook threw the switch. I wish I could show you stats from that switch-throwing. On the evening of March 8, we were partying down and having a good time over the college basketball playoffs on TV at Henshaw's house with beer and pizza and watching the awesome responses to our posts about the game (the Salukis were playing in the finals) on Facebook, with a reach literally numbering into the millions (at one point in time in January 2014, over the Chrissy Williams missing person incident, we had a "reach" of 30,000,000. That's THIRTY MILLION). The next morning, we get up to nurse our hangovers and find almost nothing. I mean NOTHING. I literally had to ask "Where IS everybody?" on a particular post; there was just no reach whatsoever.

What we saw in March 2014

We researched it as extensively as we could, and learned that a number of other sites - all of them with a conservative view, like ours has - were experiencing the same thing. But our tech guy begged us not to address that. He thought it was a bad idea to let people know we were having trouble because we were conservative, since so much on Facebook was slanting libtarded. So we stayed quiet...until the matters addressed in this article began happening to us. People were literally being redirected AWAY from this page courtesy Fecesbook. So we addressed it "sort of"...and tried what Diamond & Silk did when this happened to them late last year, where their growing "reach" just suddenly dropped off. You know, like throwing a switch. And, like D&S, we got nothing from Fecesbook. We did everything except deploy our attorneys...which, as it turns out, would've been a colossal waste of money. And then every single day since then, unless there was an accidental death or murder or a storm or flood or fire or something to that effect, has been a struggle. Fecesbook has been suppressing our reach for four solid years now...and since Trump was elected, it's gotten worse. I mean, I know we're the ONLY media outlet in the 618 (and maybe in the 217, who knows) who doesn't take the opportunity to diss Trump at every turn. This doesn't necessarily make us Trump supporters; it does, however, make us realists. As far as the office goes, the man is doing a brilliant job.

But he's espousing conservative, Constitution-based action, and that just doesn't seem to fly with the powers-that-be. Which - and take this as gospel, please - should make you concerned about the powers-that-be. And that should also make you aware that your "local" papers are spouting the Party Line...and that should make you even MORE concerned over what other garbage they're shoveling your way.

Anyway, here's what I wanted to show you, from this morning and from the last several days: A bunch of Fecesbook posts on our page, and the numbers they generate. Let's start with the average ones. I took these screencaps all between 10:11 a.m. and 10:24 a.m. this morning, Tuesday, April 10:

Of our "followers" currently - a little over 55,000 - this one had a reach of .09 of them (9%). This is how many of those having followed our page saw this post that went up yesterday afternoon, Monday, April 9.

The above cap is of the post about the DUIS charged in the drowning victims in Knox County, Indiana, a coupla months ago, which post went up yesterday afternoon. Even less reach: 8 percent.

Even less reach shown above: The sitch with the elderly gent in Palestine who had a wreck. Reach: 5.7 percent.

And the one that posted the night before, Sunday, but stayed up ALL NIGHT UNINTERRUPTED by another post, but still didn't get the reach, which was only 5.4 percent.

Now, watch what transpires when we don't cover the crim antics in the area, but instead start posting links to news stories on the national level that are of interest to our conservative readers:

The above is .02 percent of reach.

This above one is 3.2 percent.

This one above is 1.7. A little over one percent of our reach. You know: Because it doesn't congratulate CNN for their idiotic coverage.

And this one above, about a libtard who wisely converted to conservatism, has .64 percent reach. Granted, this one is the most recent, but it remains the most filtered. That's what we call "throwing the switch" - filtering. Because that's what Fecesbook is doing to us...and to Diamond & Silk...and to many, many, many other conservative viewpoint pages or Trump supporters.

It's getting to the point that it's not even worth it. So If you start seeing less and less of our presence on Fecesbook...this would be why. Otherwise, we're looking at just returning to this page and start doing things the way we used to do them before social networking graduated from MySpace and went to these hellholes of libwhackism that have done nothing but taught the population of users to be hateful, bullying jerks that end up getting banned from our page (as much as I'd appreciate having wambo threads on all our posts by letting everybody just pile on, that's not gonna happen, even if the only thing I do on Fecesbook is police the haters). The bottom line: We're sick of the battle. And we predict that IF the truth were ever to come out, we'd learn that Zuck was set up to start Fecesbook by Soros, that his returns have been so phenomenal that ol George is a happy camper, and now, it's time to have Zuck throw himself on the sword because he managed success in the Hegelian Dialect that Soros is so good at:

  • Thesis: Make sure America is a haven of libtardedness
  • Antithesis: Provide a way that the CIA can get into EVERYONE'S head (you know; voters) so you can swing ANY election (2 terms of a hopeless communist), then when it ceases to work, turn the tables on the Constitution-supporting president so you can get him out of office
  • Synthesis: Have your boi Zuck take the blame for everything that happens so you can upset the apple cart and convince the unsuspecting public that the election WAS "rigged," that the man who's president isn't in there legitimately, and you're going to prove it by having your boi Zuck SHOW THE WORLD how it was done, so you can get that man outta there. Regardless of the fact that O used the same exact information in order to target voters; you're gonna hope everyone forgets that in the slaughter of Fecesbook.

And what are you all going to do if that happens, and there's no more Fecesbook? I mean, entire media outlets are folding. Entire papers are going out of business. Entire websites are now defunct. They didn't know how to integrate the tech and go with the direction things were flowing, and they went under.

But that's us. The media.

What are YOU going to do? Are you going to flock to another platform to voice your woes? Maybe. You may or may not actually go to the media outlets themselves...because you've been so used to getting them on your feed.

Oh, well maybe you don't get ALL of them.

God knows, as you can see here, you're barely getting ours.

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