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SALINE COUNTY: County clerk figuratively burning the house down as lame duck

Roger Craig, this morning at the courthouse

Roger Craig, from April 2018 at the Saline County Courthouse dealing with the nightmare Kim Buchanan caused

Posted by on Friday, April 6th, 2018 @ 11:07 am.

The two ladies who lost their jobs, Kathy Cummins, left, and Julie Dunn, right, in the lobby outside the office from which they were fired Thursday, April 5, 2018

SALINE CO., Ill. - Voters in Saline County responded in overwhelming numbers at the ballot box and gave our county clerk the boot in the Primary...but unfortunately, the clerk is making as big of a mess as possible before she's out.

And that's not until December, so we have a long way to go before we see the end of Kim Buchanan's bizarre antics.

The crowd this morning at the courthouse in Harrisburg

Yesterday, Thursday, April 5, Buchanan terminated her two senior-most employees, Kathy Cummins and Julie Dunn, with no reason whatsoever. Buchanan, it was reported to us, simply told both ladies - who between them have 50 years of experience, something that's badly needed in the county clerk's office - to "pick up their things and turn over their keys." When both ladies asked her what the termination was for, she simply said "I'm not prepared to answer that" and repeated that over and over and over as an answer.

Two things might be noted here: Dunn is the Democrat candidate for the office come this fall's election, and both ladies are under Union contract in their positions.

That latter effectively means that Buchanan has now set up the county for all kinds of financial hardships, as the matter must now be litigated through the court system with the county on one side, and the Union on the other.

Union rep Judy Simpson spoke briefly this morning (Friday, April 6) at the courthouse in Harrisburg, at a gathering that was basically a media circus, as many county employees were present to show their support for the two long-term employees as well as out of a possible fear that more disruption might be caused by Buchanan...who was, naturally, absent.

"She comes in and does stuff like this, makes a disruption, and then disappears," said a citizen to Disclosure. "A lot of us wish she'd either resign, or stop coming in here, starting little fires, then taking off and leaving everybody else to put them out."

Buchanan is the lame duck, as county board member Roger Craig beat her at the ballot box a few weeks ago on the Republican Primary ticket.

This is just the latest in a long string of 'fire-starting' Buchanan has been engaged in, ever since she started irretrievably screwing things up in her office in late 2013. We've chronicled it all here; if you click this link, you'll be able to read it all. The current issue has the matter on the back page that's caused Buchanan to believe she can behave this way with no recourse, as the county somewhat screwed up themselves; we'll let you read that for yourself if you have an online membership to the e-Edition or if you can get out and find a copy of the March-April 2018 edition (we're sold out in many locations).

The bottom line here, a lot of citizens are saying, is that if there's enough to charge Buchanan with any kind of wrongdoing, they believe it needs to be done. And from all appearances, there's plenty. If Buchanan were to be charged, likely she'd have to resign, as most bond agencies won't cover their bonded people once they're charged with a felony...but that person has to be charged....and it has to BE a felony...and it doesn't appear that Jayson Clark is any closer to getting that accomplished than he was a few months ago when he was told by those who conducted the audit that yes, there's enough to charge.

And no one's running against Clark this fall.

We'll have more to tell you about this situation - and believe us when we say, there's a LOT more to it than what you're going to get on slapdash mainstream media - so as usual, watch the upcoming issue for more elaboration, as well as to see if anyone's going to take steps to handle this obviously-huge problem in Saline County.

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  1. Groucho

    I’d love to be the lawyer on this one—Thar she blows! Harpoon ready, Mr. Starbuck!

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