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UPDATE: Crazy Patti gets out of meth charges, thumbing her nose at local constabulary

Perhaps White County jail staff knows something we don't...? Is she "bald"?

Posted by on Friday, February 16th, 2018 @ 5:01 pm.

UPDATE, 8:45 P.M.

We were just advised that not ALL of CP's charges were dismissed...She pled guilty to and was convicted of the most serious of offenses that she was charged with: a Class 2 felony of Unlawful Use of Property, which alleged that she used a vehicle in her control to help commit the offense of Possession of Methamphetamine. She was also convicted of Driving While License Suspended. Possession of Methamphetamine, which was Count II, is a Class 3 felony, i.e. a lesser degree of felony; that one was dismissed along with other lower class offenses per her agreeing to plead guilty to the higher class of felony.

So...she lied by omission. Which is par for the course with her.

Below is the original article.

Patti Hyatt

WHITE CO., Ill. - Another ridiculous threat from one of White County's most annoying individuals has come in the wake of her most recent arresting charges being dismissed...prompting many in White to wonder just what it is Patti Hyatt and her ilk does for authorities in exchange.

Here's the latest insane drivel from the apparently-disturbed flake:

For those mobile-y challenged, it reads:

METH CHARGES DISMISSED - ha ha your article about me bringing in my sons who were not even there - is a stint to profit off people's misfortune - my New Yrk friend don't play does she - see if you got the guts t print the truth for once - and DO NOT PRINT MY NAME or MY SONS NAME AGAIN or FCC be on you - that is a promise from Crazy Patti - I beat the neth charges - all dismissed - so print that - if you dare

Just for the record: Her sons are Michael Troy Jordan, 30, whom you can read about here, and Joseph Levi Jordan, 29, whom you can read about here. Click on the above link on Crazy Patti's name to read about her activity. For the record, there's nothing the FCC can do to us...we don't require an FCC license to run a website, so they don't regulate us in any way...but apparently, CP doesn't understand that.

Poor nutjob doesn't also understand that there is no "dare" about it...we're happy to continue the narrative that lends to the extremely-real prospect that CP and her two useless kids are narks. It helps people avoid them like the plague, and diminishes their prospects of ongoing drug trafficking in Crossville if the dopers are among those who avoid them...which might put a crimp in the Hyatt/Jordan finances, but, them's the breaks.

So as a public service to those in White County and especially the beleaguered people of Crossville who have to put up with this garbage out of the Hyatt/Jordan combine...watch out. CP is on the loose again, and you are not safe....at least until perhaps the feds step in.

Perhaps White County jail staff knows something we don't...? Is she "bald"?

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