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Former Flora city employee gets cushy sentence…as anticipated

Posted by on Friday, February 9th, 2018 @ 2:33 pm.

Brent Headlee

FLORA, Ill. - A former Flora city employee has received the slap-on-the-wrist punishment that most folks believed would occur in his felony theft case.

Brent Headlee, 59, is the former employee in question. He left his city employ in 2013, and was alleged to have utilized his expertise in how to work with city utilities in order to obtain them for free not long after that.

Headlee is reported to have used various different ways to avoid paying for the utilities from August of 2014 until August of 2017, at which point in time the scheme was uncovered and he was arrested, on Aug. 30, 2017.

Authorities were only able to go back statutorily to 2014; there's some indication that it may have been going on before that time, however.

Whatever the case, Headlee was charged with felony Theft upon his arrest and the case has been languishing in court since that time until Wednesday, February 7, when he was set for a regular court appearance. Instead of going through that, Headlee's attorney (probably paid for by thieved funds or at least loosened-up personal funds because of the thieving of utilities) managed to wrangle Headlee a sweet plea deal that involved a reduced felony along with what appears to be an additional low-end misdemeanor.

Originally charged with Class 2 Felony Theft more than $500 but less than $10,000 from a Government Entity, Headlee was allowed to plead it down in a rather confusing deal: It either went to a Class 4 felony Theft or a Class A misdemeanor Theft,or maybe both depending on what document you're looking at (at this point, it appears the court officials are kind of befuddled over it, too, as it lists both the felony AND the misdemeanor as active). Either way, he's to spend 45 days in jail, and pay a whopping $45,934.88 in fines and fees, $30,647.88 of that representing restitution, which is apparently what he stole over the three-year period of time (meaning that boils down to $851.33 in utilities on the average PER MONTH, not exactly something most of us experience...so there was obviously something else going on that remains unsaid.)

It kinda goes without saying that if any of us plain old citizens had been convicted of thieving well over $800 a month for three years, our butts would be in IDOC for at least a couple of years. But not Headlee. Having already compensated the fines and fees package to the tune of $32,000, he gets to work off the remaining $13,934.88 on a listed "work release" situation. Also, he's been given "Second Chance" probation (the ridiculous program that morphed out of "first-time offender status" and gives convicted felons the opportunity to go around and say "Oh I completed my Second-Chance probation so I don't have a felony on my record," an untrue statement as the charge is not dismissed nor is it expunged, it simply isn't taken into consideration if any subsequent charges are filed against the person...and if you don't believe it, find out if your local "I ain't a convicted felon" spewing this nonsense can own a gun in Illinois...)

So cushy it is, for someone who "retired" from a well-paying city job, then continued to take by thieving from the city...and plain ol citizens get no such consideration.

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