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Posted by on Monday, February 5th, 2018 @ 5:41 pm.

Here are your Print Headlines for the new issue on stands, the February 2018 edition, available until February 21!

Print Headlines are a recap of our print offerings every issue, which can help you determine what kind of material is being covered in-depth in the paper by comparison to the briefs or news releases we give you on the free side. If you're an online member with the e-Edition, you can click any link to go directly to the story. If you're not, you can click any link to get started, for only $2.99 for a 24-hour Day Pass, or $5.99 for a 30-Day Pass. Both are great bargains...as are our print papers at $4 each. Now...here are THIS ISSUE'S PRINT HEADLINES.


Glen Ramey

RICHLAND CO. - RAMEY ENTERS PLEA: The horror that the death of 8-year-old Sabrina Stauffenberg brought to Olney/Richland County could not be understated. It could, however, be exceeded. And what happened on Thursday, January 25, did just that. Here's the full story, in depth.

Caleb Rinehart

GALLATIN CO. - Charges in Omaha shooting incident: The complete story - with identification of the victim and mugshot of the babyfaced alleged perp - of the "accidental" shooting in rural Omaha a couple of weeks ago. More to come on this one, guaranteed.

In these photos taken from screencaps of video shot by the Edgar County Watchdogs following the December 18, 2017 meeting of the Jasper County School Board, it can clearly be seen that John Kraft, with back toward the camera, is several feet away from the board table…and that board members and the board secretary are actually doing the exact same thing to him that their pricey upstate attorney is accusing Kraft of doing - which at no point he did. The video clearly displays the women yelling at Kraft, pointing and gesturing wildly, and essentially making threats. In the final ’cap, Melissa Stanley is shown dialing the call to Newton police, which turned out to have had false information in it. There is little likelihood, however, that she will be facing a False Report to 911 charge…as nothing was ever done about her false report of Jed Earnest “causing a disturbance” in the County Clerk’s office last year.

JASPER CO. - Calls attorney response a 'colorful and entertaining piece of fiction': It appears it would be sufficient to say...Don't screw with the Edgar County Watchdogs. When it comes to rebuttals to whiny attorneys, these guys are almost as good as WE are.

All heads were bowed except the photographers’...and Jeremy Stroud’s, at the Saline County Board meeting January 25.

SALINE CO. - Crowd hears prayer removal issue: Sooooo much detail. Soooo much controversy. Sooooo many mic-drop moments, none of which other media bothered to outline. Want the full-coverage, REAL story of what went down at the Saline County Board meeting January 25? Don't miss this article. Because the follow-up is going to be just as stinging...maybe even more so.


SALINE CO. - Sex abuse case: Baby disfigured: The hideous case of a baby allegedly injured by a 19-year-old punk from Gallatin County is only touched upon because we don't get narratives in the court files anymore, like Mike Henshaw used to insist upon. That, in turn, causes people (like, oh, I dunno...the victim's family, maybe...) to come forward with detail and documentation that could even be MORE revealing in the case. Just a heads-up for the public officials: When we go this route, it might make you wanna start putting those narratives back into the files...because a LOT more is going to get out.


HARRISBURG - Two-car gun battle in Harrisburg: Ramonte Scott is a local terror. Someone - or several someones - could have been killed by a stray bullet or a fleeing car. They weren't...but Scott will probably be out and about soon (if he's not already) to bring his brand of gang warfare to our once-peaceful Harrisburg

RICHLAND CO. - Suspected drug dealer now in the hands of federal prosecutors: Brandon Atwood was on a collision course with the feds and has been for the past 4 years. Who all did he take down with him...? Hit this link to see.

WHITE CO. - Evansville juvenile leads officers on wild chase in White: Horrible kids abound. And here's a juvie from Indiana who is alleged to have beaten up a guard and taken her car from Evansville, driving all the way over to Illinois, to White County, and to Carmi and back to I-64...at age 14 or 15, according to what we could learn.


SALINE CO. - Troubled teen criminal growing into troubled adult felon? - Harrisburg suspect awaiting trial for arson arrested again for attempted arson

POPE CO. - Brownfield woman gets OP after alleging sledgehammer attack

GALLATIN CO. - Developments in Ridgway drug case involve warrant of arrest and search warrant

GALLATIN CO. - Enfield drunk driver jailed in Gallatin on driving revoked charge

SALINE CO. - Eldorado meth felon and Harrisburg thief now face charges of identity theft

GALLATIN CO. - Shawneetown man jailed for punching family member

SALINE CO. - Route 45 beatdown results in felony charges

POPE CO. - Vodka consumption admitted in one of two Golcondan drunk driving cases

HARDIN CO. - E'town man jailed for being where he was not wanted

GALLATIN CO. - Yelling leads to court supervision

HARDIN CO. - Meth possession charged in Elizabethtown

SALINE CO. - Felon two years into a seven-year sentence now busted for burglary

GALLATIN CO. - Sentenced for trespassing near Big Barn Road

GALLATIN CO. - Big ag goes after medium-sized ag, catches locals in the middle

SALINE CO. - Hoosier busted with ADHD medicine

SALINE CO. - Convicted Harrisburg sexual predator jailed for shoving family member

HARDIN CO. - Meth and a needle on New Year's Eve

SALINE CO. - Carrier Mills couple facing charges in wake of workout equipment heist

SALINE CO. - Harrisburg illegal alien drunk driver could be headed home

POPE CO. - Woman alleges horse injury at stables in rural Golconda

SALINE CO. - Prison math puts forger back on street in time for drug charge

SALINE CO. - Historically troubled Harrisburg teen awaiting trial in at least two cases now facing gun charges


CRAWFORD CO. - Budget problems haunt sheriff in upcoming election

CLAY CO. - Traffic stop lands Flora woman behind bars on drug charge

LAWRENCE CO. - Felon jailed for having firearm

JASPER CO. - Newton man on probation for meth possession and female partner charged as suspected drug dealers

CRAWFORD CO. - Repeat violent drunk driver flees from Palestine police

JASPER CO. - Disorderly turn of the year in JC misdemeanors

CRAWFORD CO. - Multiple convicted drug dealer busted for dealing drugs in Robinson yet AGAIN

JASPER CO. - Sex offender sought for not reporting address

JASPER CO. - Marathon violence lands man behind bars

JASPER CO. - Hidalgo man accused of threatening officer responding to domestic

CRAWFORD CO. - Hoosier busted with methadone


LAWRENCE CO. - Lawrence County doper fresh out of prison already convicted and on his way back

WHITE CO. - Abuser of the elderly sentenced in burglary case

RICHLAND CO. - ADHD medication lands suspected violent Olney man behind bars

WABASH CO. - 'Homelessness' crim busted for stealing

CLAY CO. - Drug dealer charged with dealing again

WABASH CO. - Mt. Carmel drunk sentenced to five years prison in 2015 already out, convicted and living in county jail

WHITE CO. - White woman could lose car over pill in bottle

RICHLAND CO. - Jailed for hitting nurse at Richland Memorial Hospital

CLAY CO. - Convicted doper charged with shoving officer

CLAY CO. - Flora man with five existing trial dates busted on drug charges

HAMILTON CO. - McLeansboro woman charged as suspected drug dealer

WHITE CO. - Carmi convicted drug felon and live-in both facing possession charges

EDWARDS CO. - Edwards pair jailed for druk driving

RICHLAND CO. - Underringing hits Olney Walmart as suspected crim tried to undercharge for circular saw

WABASH CO. - Nine busted on drug charges in latest Wabash roundup

LAWRENCE CO. - Lawrence Correctional inmates charged with attacking officers

WHITE CO. - Carmi man finally answers for crimes

WHITE CO. - White drug dealer beaten in jail, tow fellow inmates charged

RICHLAND CO. - Richland doper awaiting drug trial busted in Wabash County on yet another drug charge

LAWRENCE CO. - Suspected drug dealer charged in Lawrence

CLAY CO. - Woman awaiting trial as suspected drug dealer charged with possession

HAMILTON CO. -  Zeigler drug dealer and sex offender busted


SURLY & UNCOOPERATIVE (Jack) Starve a cold feed a....Feed a cold starve a...

GUEST COLUMN (Robyn Banks) The Butterfly effect and my criminal footprint

MINKUS INK (Bubba) Bud bidnezz up and running in California


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