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Posted by on Thursday, January 25th, 2018 @ 5:35 pm.

Glen Ramey

RICHLAND CO., Ill. - The man accused of murdering 8-year-old Sabrina Stauffenberg is one step closer to a prison cell as of this afternoon, Thursday, January 25.

Glen Ramey, 54, who has been incarcerated in the Richland County Detention Center since late November 2016, entered an open plea of guilty today in Richland County Circuit Court to an amended charge added to the charges of Murder and Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault, filed against him in Nov. 2016 in Sabrina’s sex assault and death Nov. 23, 2016.

The amended charge was a Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child, a Class X felony.

The previous charges were Murder and Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault Causing Bodily Harm, the latter being a slightly different charge from the previous Class X felony.

Ostensibly, the amended charge precludes the two initially filed, and those two will be dismissed in exchange for the plea.

What Ramey entered today was an “open” plea. Those who remember Danny Coston in White County will recall that he did the same, entering an open plea (without a sentencing agreement), meaning he basically throws himself on the mercy of the court.

Coston received a little over 50 years for the double homicide deaths of two young White County people in 2012. It’s possible Ramey will receive a similar sentence: the sentencing range on the amended Class X felony is six to 60 years.

The courtroom held a sizable crowd today, mostly friends and family of Sabrina.

They got to hear presentation of evidence on the amended charge, mostly about DNA, which was tested and came back to Ramey, as testified to in Effingham when the man was undergoing a fitness trial back in September.

Ramey is now set for sentencing on March 22. There could be a delay in that, depending on how much time it takes for different evaluations, including sex offender evaluations that run separately from the basic pre-sentencing evaluations.

If Ramey receives a sentence that will get him out of prison before he’s too old to know where he is and what he’s doing, it was agreed upon today that he will have to register permanently as a sex offender.

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  1. Brian Dougherty

    So he is getting away with MURDER.

  2. M D Stine

    Seems to be a huge void between the legal system (throughout the Republic) and the residents. The legal system operates under the premise of time away from the public is the same as justice served and that exposes the brokenness of the legal system. Until being sentenced to the full extent of the law in heinous crimes such as this or the ever present perpetual drug felony. Without the legal system handling cases swiftly and with some authority all it does is condition the criminal not rehabilitate. It’s time to cease the progressive thinking that has brought us to this point where the criminal’s rights are being protected at the expense of the law abiding. Prison overcrowding is not society’s problem it is the legal systems problem If the legal system is truly compassionate about rehabilitation, until someone pays a hard price the State’s Attorneys and Judges are being played for a fool while Defense Attorneys bank account grows with clientele of perpetual drug dealer that can raise $8-10K cash bond while sitting in a cell but can’t seem to come up with the miscellaneous $8-900 of accumulated fines that are in arrears for years and probably not going to be collected.

    I’ve been gone from Richland for all practical purposes since High School and have wondered why the county continues to slide away from what it represented when I was growing up. I don’t think the most convincing, eloquent speaker can convince me the legal system has NOT played a role in the county’s decline, maybe not completely but certainly has part ownership.

  3. There is nothing I could say that would add to this. You are so correct.

    And when the truth comes out about why this happened the way it did, I truly hope that the public takes the action that we are going to encourage them to take. And for the record…it was NOT the doing of Brad Vaughn. He is not at fault in this, at all.

    • M D Stine

      It’s interesting reading the comments from the story on Disclosure’s Facebook page. Nearly all the comments I read regarding justice for the child are centered around the hope those that are not fit to be in society provide the justice for the crime committed since those in the legal system tasked to determine and provide the justice failed wonderfully. What an indictment of the legal system as to it’s brokenness, immunity for those that make these decisions needs to be replaced with a form of accountability for their decision making.

      I read one of the Disclosures response to a commenter that the truth behind the decision and plea will come out but not for several months, for the sake of the child I hope you make all the decision makers in this case famous and provide them with some true accountability for their decision.

      • We’re working on how to provide documentation for what we’re going to present. If we had a governor that gave a rip about people in this state, we’d have run it past him and would try to get something done, but he doesn’t care. All he cares about is saving his office, which he won’t. He should’ve paid attention to us three years ago when we were begging him to do something about it…had he done something then, I’m telling you…Ramey’s murder charges would never have been dismissed.

        When we expose it all, people are going to think we’re being vindictive. We’re not. We deal with what happens to us. We cannot deal with it when it happens to others, too, and after we’ve sent up the warnings. It’s time for them chickens to come home to roost.

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