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Kim Buchanan, Saline County Clerk

Posted by on Friday, January 12th, 2018 @ 9:23 pm.

Here are your print headlines for the issue that went on stands this week, the January 2018 edition!

We're changing things up a little to reflect our busier lives these days...better to have a slimmed-down Print Headlines than none at all, so we're cutting the synopses from most of the articles, but leaving the headlines, datelines, and a direct link to the article which you can click and read if you have an online membership to the e-Edition. If you don't...each link will take you to the sign-up page, where you can get to clicking through so you can read em!


Stephen Pfifer

GALLATIN CO. - SEARCH WARRANT EXECUTED: Lots of criminal problems in Gallatin County, and most of them have been perpetrated by a small group. Was the latest arrest one of that number? Maybe. More warrants have yet to be served. Keep up with this, as we've had a GallCo story on the front page (or at least in near proximity) for the last four issues, and there's no end in sight.

ILLINOIS - Bond Reform Act: Is it a disaster waiting to happen? Yes. Yes, it is. It's already causing a big bunch of trouble for people, who are confused about just what's happening in this state; see the latest idiocy from the Cook County crooks in our Illinois legislature, and what it means for YOU.

DJ Thacker

CLAY, MARION COs. - Feds bust Thacker: We predicted it last summer, and now, it's happened. Yall need to be paying a little more attention to what we predict. Get the word out to the crims. It might save em a lot of grief.

Kim Buchanan, Saline County Clerk

SALINE CO. - Audit results near; so do the election dates: I had to argue to get that headline. Read it like this: The Saline County audits were scheduled to be made public next Friday, January 19. That date draws near. So, fortunately, do the dates for the upcoming elections, which will apparently be the only way to get the county out of the incompetency drama the officeholders are embroiled in. Read this article to see what's afoot...and be watching for something that's about to go down on Monday morning. The problem with public officials not paying attention to their duties is about to blow up in a very big way.

Taylor Radke

RICHLAND CO. - Throwdown in O-town: Guess what...Ms. Radke did indeed allegedly stab her violent bf/babydaddy. With what, however, is the subject of the lead in this article...a hilarious lead, at that.

JASPER CO. -Jasper County School Board sued by board member: What happens when a public body, to which you were duly elected, cuts you out of trying to serve the constituents who elected you to the public body? You file a lawsuit. And believe it...they can't say they weren't warned.


Megan Nichols

WAYNE CO. - Bones found in rural Wayne Co. could be any one of the missing – or none of them: What's the backstory on all the missing people in the area (or at least three of them) that other outlets don't bother telling you about when they report each time a set of human remains are found in downstate Illinois? This. This article has it all.

HARDIN CO. - Hard times in Hardin for property tax payers: More tales of what the actual problems are with Hardin County and the recent property tax increases.

The Currys, in a classy pose

SALINE CO. -Curry charged AGAIN: More idiocy from Dan Curry - and vapidity from his wife - covered in this back-pager, which shows that every single person surrounding that house on Wasson Road is actually in danger if dude decides he's just gonna pop off. Bond Reform, anyone...?


Briefs from around the Disclosure area…: A whole passel of items from every county around the readership area, which is what happens when we over-write!

WHITE CO. - Traffic stop leads to drug charge


SALINE CO. - Crim with seven cases from 2017, four still awaiting trial busted for drug possession

HARDIN CO. - Running from police lands tired perp in jailed

GALLATIN CO. - White man awaiting trial in Carmi violates Gallatin OP

SALINE CO. - Eldorado convicted child beater busted for drugs possession

GALLATIN CO. - Punches thrown and a vehicle theft lands Shawneetown trio behind bars

SALINE CO. - Galatia drinker busted driving without license

GALLATIN CO. - Formal charges filed in Gallatin County squatters-selling-items case

SALINE CO. - Eldorado man awaiting trial in five felony cases adds a sixth

HARDIN CO. - Rosiclare drinker gets out of water theft charge

POPE CO. - Non-lunar mooning incident lands Golconda man behind bars

GALLATIN CO. - Shawneetown domestic pair charged with thumping on one another

SALINE CO. - Suspect claims mental illness, addiction for fake 911 call

POPE CO. - Pope County woman charged with writing hot check to Golconda biz

SALINE CO. - Man who took three years to answer child endangerment charge busted again

HARDIN CO. - Harrisburg chick facing cocaine possession charge in Hardin County

POPE CO. - Two men from Massac County embroiled in insurance battle

POPE CO. - Wildman Road resident facing drunk driving charge

SALINE CO. - Eldorado meth felon facing cocaine possession and trespassing charges

HARDIN CO. - Cave woman charged with taking off with toys

HARDIN CO. - Rosiclare sex offender charged

SALINE CO. - Police say drug felon caught cruising with stash but without driver’s license

SALINE CO. - Golconda woman walks in on Mills man

SALINE CO. - Could face life in prison — Shawneetown man facing six child sex assault charges

SALINE CO. - Multiple drugs arrests mark Saline year-end crim roundup

SALINE CO. - Eldorado man in trouble since he was 15 gets arrested yet again


Muhsan Fann...poor guy

SALINE CO. - Fourth suspect in home invasion charged as adult: The horror surrounding the gang activity in Harrisburg has slowed down a little bit, but there are still a few snakes willing to step up after the heads have been cut off the former snakes. So the best choice is to lop off their heads, too...even if they're only 17. And have bizarre hairstyles.

EFFINGHAM - Payne porcine pets targeted on ordinance violation…but no paper trail available: The entire backstory on the situation with the Payne family and their beloved pet pigs...along with the reality of the situation explained in full, which amounts to how the city has really, really screwed up.


CRAWFORD CO. - One nabbed in wake of year-end burglary spree

JASPER CO. - Newton drug felon threatens to shoot cop

JASPER CO. - Physical violence, trouble at school and underage drinking alleged in Jasper County misdemeanors

CRAWFORD CO. - Loud radio man and young woman named in Walnut Street burglary

JASPER CO. - One Cavazos sentenced in Circle K beatdown

CRAWFORD CO. - Violent Palestine convicted felon charged with kicking police officer

CRAWFORD CO. - Teen sex offender fails to report change of address

CRAWFORD CO. - Violent Robinson convicted meth felon accused of strangling woman

CRAWFORD CO. - Violent doper busted for “Zombie Drug” possession


LAWRENCE CO. - “These b^#ches are playing with fire!” — Furious dealers intensify search for snitch as lawmen enjoy increase in drug arrests

HAMILTON CO. - Ex-wife turns hubby’s meth stash over to cops — Hubby begins new year in prison cell

RICHLAND CO. - Calhoun sex offender caught off radar, with Facebook account

WHITE CO. - McThrowdown at the burger grill lands one man behind bars

WABASH CO. - Keensburg woman facing weapons charge

WABASH CO. - Baca crime family spills over into neighboring county as momma and baby Baca await jury trials

EDWARDS CO. - Meltdown in Grayville police cruiser leads to felony

RICHLAND CO. - Noble woman pens letter to prosecutor complaining about public defender

EDWARDS CO. - Violent Mt. Carmel child abuser busted for possession

EDWARDS/WHITE COs. - Ag instructor still teaching; civil penalties ridiculous in pot case

WHITE CO. - Grayville man with numerous violence convictions begs to be released from jail

HAMILTON CO. - Hot check lands McLeansboro resident behind bars

WHITE CO. - Carmi man awaiting trial in three separate cases and serving probation sentence busted again

WHITE CO. - Carmi woman awaiting drug trial busted for weapons and drugs

RICHLAND CO. - Troubled Olney teen gets shot at getting his stuff together before he becomes a statistic

HAMILTON CO. - Dahlgren couple facing meth possession charges

LAWRENCE CO. - Uncheery folks have messed-up holidays resulting in Lawrence County misdemeanors

WABASH CO. - Sex offender caught living in house with underage child

WABASH CO. - Could lose car in wake of drug charge

WHITE CO. - White man gets court supervision and rehab order in wake of drug conviction


SURLY & UNCOOPERATIVE (Jack) - And then there’s that old saying about cats…

MINKUS INK (Bubba) - What the feds really do should concern you

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