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Yall….imma get sooooooooooo’d …over a press release

From Leeah/Lee-ah/Leehahahaaaa's Facebook page

Art by Daniel Hudson

Posted by on Thursday, January 11th, 2018 @ 3:30 pm.

From Leeah/Lee-Ah/Leehahahaaaa's Facebook page

WILLIAMSON CO., Ill. - So I got this the other day in my Facebook messaging, and I thought I'd share it with you, since many of you like to know what goes on behind the scenes here.

This message is from Leeah Johnson, whose article appeared this past Sunday online as a presser from Marion police:

Leeah (which was how it was produced in the press release, although on her Facebook page she has it written out as "Lee-Ah," so I don't know if the dash is pronounced or is silent; Ledasha, maybe....?) was arrested in the event that sparked the presser. Anyway, what the deal is, is that Ms. Leeeeeahahaha got all mad when she saw that we produced the press release, and now, she's gonna be "filling a lawsuit for reporting false news and defacement of my name when I beat this case."

Kinard Portee and Johnson, from Facebook

I believe she means "filing," not "filling" (although maybe she was hungry when she wrote it; she seems like she could've used a Snickers at that moment). Also I believe that she meant "defamation," not "defacement" (although I guess someone could deface her nasty tatts if they were to have access to a sandblaster or some similar type of instrument). As for "reporting false news," she's fortunate she sent that to me by a private message instead of posting it in the open on her Facebook (or any other social networking) page. If I got a burr up my butt, I could make hay with that, since such a claim is false and I could sue her for defamation/libel...but, it wasn't in public (unless, of course, she's going around mouthing about it, which would make it slander as opposed to libel. Slander is spoken untruth, libel is written untruth.)

The latter is what she's trying to scare me with, but apparently Leehahaha doesn't realize that she cannot sue a news outlet for producing a press release. And she blocked me before I could explain that to her...so here it is:

Leeeeeehahahaaaa. You cannot sue a news outlet for producing a press release. It's a PRESS RELEASE. It's a document produced by a police department for release to news outlets. Ergo, it's not OUR words. It's theirs. Which is what "your lawyer" will probably tell you...along with the ever-popular statement, "Be glad they spelled your name right."

And in the initial report, which you can read here, we did. Here, in the op-ed piece about it, we do not. Deliberately. And she can't sue us for that either, because by making her threat, she's thrust herself in the spotlight once again, and when that happens, we can use humor to underscore our observation. And we can misspell her name because frankly...it's a weird name. It makes the casual observer look at it and go "Lee-WHAT??" We filled in the "what" with "hahahah" because...dang. When you see Felony Friday tomorrow and we have the details of how it's alleged that Lee-Ahaha sent dope in the mail, you, too, will laugh. Which is expressed with "hahahaaaaaa."

So, Lee-dash-ha-whatever....stop with the empty threats. It's like they say in that old Ralph Bakshi movie... "Never run from anything immortal; it attracts their attention." Around here, it's "Don't make threats of a lawsuit over a basic news story. It attracts our attention...and makes another news story."

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