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Posted by on Thursday, January 11th, 2018 @ 5:27 pm.

Glen R. Ramey, walking outside the Richland County Courthouse back to the jail

RICHLAND CO., Ill. - After a year and two months with what seems to have been interminable court settings and delays, it appears that accused murderer Glen R. Ramey may be headed toward a plea deal.

Ramey, 54, most recently of Olney but originally from the Johnson County area downstate, is the man accused of the rape and murder of 8-year-old Sabrina Stauffenberg in Olney on November 23, 2016. He was found fit to stand trial back in September of 2017 when an Effingham jury so ruled after a three-day trial.

Appearing in court today (Thursday, January 11) for the first time in a couple of months, and represented by his defense attorney Jim Lane (who's done a remarkable job with the guy, considering how conniving Ramey is), Ramey agreed to a January 25 setting for a "potential negotiated/open plea," which is how it's couched on Judici.com.

An "open guilty plea" is effectively a plea of guilty and throwing oneself on the mercy of the court; it's a plea without a sentence attached to it. If the court has any mercy, the judge will sentence the defendant to a term in IDOC that fulfills guidelines for sentencing as set up by the state. The judge will take matters into consideration and apply sentencing in accordance with mitigating and aggravating circumstances. If the judge declines mercy, the defendant could be slapped with a sentence that could keep him in prison for the rest of his life.

A negotiated plea is a different animal. The state will sit down with the defense and hammer out what it is they want Ramey to plead to and he'll say what he will agree to plead to, then they'll discuss sentencing options if they get the first part hammered out.

Either way, it appears Glen Ramey will spend the better part of the rest of his life behind bars, as any Class M (murder) plea carries a MINIMUM 20-year mandatory sentence, and the sentencing on the sex assault, while not mandatory, is also an extensive number of years - 6 minimum, 60 maximum.

When we learn more, we'll post. Be watching.

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  1. imsomebody2

    Put that idiot away forever!!!!

  2. M D Stine

    Seems like there could be a real financial benefit for the state of IL here. It’s going to cost the state around what $ 35-40K/yr. to house Ramey. Why not run a fundraiser, $1,000 per ticket with a 1 in a 1,000 chance to shoot him, unlimited ammo. The State will net $ 1,000,000 (plus whatever they charge for the fundraiser permit) on top of the $1,225,000 savings for not having to house him ($35,000 x 35 years). I’m confident the $ 2,225,000 windfall can easily be turned into a $ 18,000,000 -$30,000,000 expense spending spree for those in the state house and senate

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