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Marion city council meeting disrupted by man just out of jail

Treston Miller, outside city hall

Miller, showing he had no weapons on him

Treston Miller

Posted by on Monday, January 8th, 2018 @ 8:37 pm.

Treston Miller, at city hall

MARION, Ill. - A bizarre occurrence unfolded tonight at the end of the Marion City Council meeting.

Just before the close of the meeting, a man, identifying himself as 20-year-old Treston Miller, 20. No one in the council chambers was familiar with him.

He began what amounted to a tirade about why he was there: He said he had just been released from the Williamson County Jail on a "bogus charges" and he had been in for 12 days. He claimed to have frostbite, and nowhere to go because he had an order of protection against him.

Miller, showing he had no weapons on him

While he was explaining all this, he was lifting up his shirt and showing that he didn't have a weapon or anything harmful on him.

Treston Miller

The council advised him that he should take up whatever his gripe was with Police Chief Dawn Tondini, and so Miller went out to the hallway outside the council room to wait for police.

After the meeting was adjourned, our correspondent Becky Grimes went out to talk to Miller and see what was up. Miller claimed that she knew who he was because he was a member of her Crime Watch page on Facebook. Becky advised him that she of course didn't know him just because he was on her page, but that didn't deter Miller. He requested that Becky video-record his conversation with the police, which she did not do. Instead, he had a calm conversation with the police, who advised him that he was free to go, but that he had come in and scared people in attendance at the meeting "half to death," and they told him not to come back to city hall ever again. All the while he was talking to the police, Becky said, Miller kept putting his hands behind his back as if he fully anticipated that the police would cuff him.

They did not. Instead, a woman arrived, advising them that she had been sent to the jail to pick up Miller and take him to a room somewhere that his mother had secured for him. As a courtesy, city officers ended up taking Miller to the location.

All was well and no arrest was made, no charges were filed, and no one was harmed...but folks can't be too careful these days, especially with open gatherings like public meetings, churches, school events, etc. That thought was likely running through everyone's minds when this little show was going on, but everyone kept their cool, the audience, the council, and the police alike.

So good job on everyone's part...and we'll see if we hear any more from Mr. Miller.

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1 Comment for “Marion city council meeting disrupted by man just out of jail”

  1. Groucho

    So the guy shows up at a council meeting with his pants around his knees and his underwear sticking out, and no one says anything?

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