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Of hoop jumpin’ and having a nice day, etc.

Posted by on Monday, November 27th, 2017 @ 8:05 pm.

So here we all are staring at yet another round of seasonal dysfunctional disorder SDD.

Being a workaholic I always forget to keep track of holidays and therefore am always caught off guard when all the hubbub starts.

The first sign or symptom, if you will, that surfaces every year is that I suddenly realize I can’t get things done in the way of banking or gathering news items from local courthouses.

It’s bad enough that they are only open during the day, you know, nine-to-five or thereabouts, and that just happens to be when the rest of most of us, who have jobs anyway, are working.

I guess in a way, the whole courthouse thing works to my advantage, but I can never keep up with when they are open half a day )and then, which half) or are closed.

I understand they always, normally, most of the time, are closed on the day of the holiday; but it’s those extended weekends I can never keep up with.

And so if the holiday falls on the weekend you can usually plan on the courthouse being closed either the Friday before or the Monday after the actual day of the holiday.

The problems come in when some of the courthouses in our substantial coverage area take off the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of a holiday that falls on the weekend while others take off Saturday, Sunday and Monday or the holiday, while still others opt for the BIG break and take off Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the holiday that falls on the weekend.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t begrudge these courthouse folks having themselves a job that allows for that sort of thing; but it sure does make us folks out here trying to schedule what we call courthouse crawls in 20+ counties in two days jump through some mighty hoops.

And hoop jumpin’ isn’t one of those things I ever did get accustomed to.

SDD gets me into more of a foul humor than I am usually known for.

I try as best I can to not let it show and so this year I am going to try and vent here on these pages instead of to people’s faces.

SDD causes me to doubt things I would normally just accept.

Like a normal greeting.


I don’t have much a problem with that other than SDD doesn’t exactly lend toward wanting to meet or greet people.

It’s what comes after ‘hello’ that gets me.

“How are you?”

THAT one really gets me when I am suffering SDD.

Really? A perfect stranger expects me to believe that actually give a whip-stitch how I am or how my day is going?

Oh, monkey please!

And then there’s the other end of the spectrum.

“Have a nice day!”

You’ve go to be kidding…

I don’t think for a second that a stranger is going to really worry whether or not I have a good day, night, evening, or surgery to remove boils from my butt.

I mean, if they said that on a Friday and I had the most horrible weekend, holiday and/or a butt cheek amputated because the boil surgery went bad, are they rally going to want to hear about it!??

I’m thinking… No.

And to prove my point I am going to spend the next several months keeping close notes concerning holiday schedules and greetings and report back to you here.

In the mean time I guess I’d better limber up for some courthouse schedule hoop-jumping.

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