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A mini Print Headlines: What you’ll miss if you don’t read the e-Edition!

Posted by on Thursday, November 23rd, 2017 @ 1:24 pm.

Saline County Clerk Kim Buchanan

We've been remiss with Print Headlines, true, as we're busy keeping up with an ever-demanding load of reporting crime and corruption...but we didn't want to let this issue go by without at least directing you to the lead headlines, and so here they are from the November 2017 issue!

WHITE/CLAY COS. - Embattled agency steps in it AGAIN: People don't love to hate DCFS. They just flat hate them; there's no "love" involved. And since the agency became statutory a few years ago, there's been even more reason for people to loathe and detest the "child protection" group, as they've become so overly invasive, and yet inadequately performing on behalf of children. In a story that crosses both Clay County to the north and White County to the south, with a couple of peripheral counties (Wayne and Jefferson) in between, here's the latest nightmare this overbloated and underqualified agency has visited on several in downstate Illinois.

SALINE CO. - Where's the money? Sparks fly as county audit begins: Employees of Saline County had until November 7 to "come clean" about anything corrupt going on in their offices. While it's unknown at this point whether anyone did, one thing's for sure: This whole thing could have been avoided if people would just DO THEIR JOB.

WHITE CO. - FORECLOSURE: Grand Rivers Community Bank Attempts collection on another loan: The big question circulating in the area, following the foreclosure on the business belonging to the babymomma of Lil Bill Bonan's offspring, is...why isn't Lil Bill bailing out the Evanses? There's so far no answer to that...but here's the story of the foreclosure, one of many GRCB has been pursuing against what they believe were "bad loans" to begin with...as made by Lil B himself.

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS - Threats of school violence addressed: Since the beginning of the school year, there have been either incidents of school violence (as in Mattoon back in September) or threats thereof, some of them with a basis, some without. This article covers those, including recent happenings in Hamilton County and Richland County...and what can be done about the ongoing battle to bring bullying and threats to a halt.


EDGAR CO. - Former Edgar County political gadfly arrested on Domestic Battery: Randy Peterson was pretty much at the bottom of his game, so if he falls, he might not have far to go. Or does he...? Ah well, it's Edgar County, where they embrace their criminal public officials and put them on pedestals.

SALINE CO. - Former chief deputy's supporters gripe about arrest: The sentiment at the beginning of November was divided amongst those that believe Todd Fort's just a "GRAYTE GAH!!" who's misunderstood, and is a former deputy who should have known better than to not report his address change (as a sex offender) after not staying at his most recent hovel for at least three days. This division is actually a good thing, as it lets others know who to avoid in the effort to stay away from those who support crims (especially sex offenders.)

RICHLAND CO. - Former 'guardian' of murdered child charged with misdemeanor: The murdered child is, of course, Sabrina Stauffenberg. So who's the former 'guardian' who was charged...and what was he charged with? The answer will probably shock you. No one else has covered this, so give it a read.

Earl Tannahill

RICHLAND CO. - Another 'landlord theft' case filed in Richland: Oh, Earl. Earl Earl Earl. Earl Tannahill is back in the headlines again...and this one is truly weird. You'll find it on page 3 of this issue...give it a read.

There are other amazing articles in this issue, November 2017, and you can read every single one of them by getting an online membership today, or getting out and getting your copy at these wonderful vendors. If you are a print subscriber, be sure you check your label (if you got the November issue in the mail, anyway...we've had some serious issues with this mailing; please contact us if you didn't get your paper, by emailing admin@disclosurenewsonline.com, so we can add it to our complaint to the periodicals folks in St. Louis). If your date at the bottom of your label is highlighted in orange, you need to renew, which you can do with your PayPal at this link or drop us a check or money order in the mail at the price listed at that link, to Disclosure, PO Box 83, Harrisburg, Ill., 62946. Get on it, and help your elderly friends and relatives as well, as they might not be online and know about the orange highlight; next mailing is Wednesday!

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