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For Williamson County, it’s FELONY FRIDAY!!

Posted by on Friday, November 10th, 2017 @ 7:46 pm.

WILLIAMSON CO., Ill. – It’s the weekend, and you know what THAT means….Felony Friday! This is where you get the week’s rundown of felonies charged in the county, as well as felony cases that have reached a resolution, and it was a busy one, with folks from all over being involved, including a woman from Shawneetown.

Felonies charged

This week starts with Roger Lee Williams, 55, of Herrin, who was charged on October 27 with Aggravated Driving Under the Influence Of Alcohol; he was also charged with Driving While License Revoked, Illegal Transportation of Alcohol, Improper Lane Usage, and Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle. He’s free on a $1,500 cash bond.

Christopher R. Camden, 29, of Herrin, was charged with Aggravated Domestic Battery. The charges say that on October 28, he knowingly strangled a family or household member by placing his hands around the neck of said person. He is also charged with the following misdemeanors: Unlawful Restraint, Interfering With the Reporting of Domestic Violence, Criminal Damage to Property and Criminal Trespass to Residence and Violation of Bail Bond from back in September when he had been charged with Domestic Battery on the same victim.

Mathew T. Hays, 24, and Jerry Cullum, 20, both of Pittsburg, have each been charged with one count of Theft and one count Criminal Damage to Property. Charges state on April 18, 2017 both men tried their hand at Obtaining a Power Steering Pump from Absher Motors using the old-fashioned five-finger discount by cutting a belt and hose from a vehicle leaving a trail of power steering fluid leading away from the vehicle. Their first appearance is December 15.

Linda M. Callahan, 37, of Johnston City, is charged with one count of Theft and one count of Unlawful Use of a Credit or Debit Card. On May 19, 2017, Callahan is alleged to have obtained control over $702.35 cash belonging to another person. Also in the same 24-hour time period, he’s alleged to have used her debit card to make purchases totaling over $300. First court appearance is December 15, 2017.

Chasity Jones, 39, of Marion, is charged with Possession of Stolen Property. She is the codefendant of Elizabeth A. Norris, 37, of Marion, who is charged with Online Sale of Stolen Property and Theft over $500. They each have November 27 court appearances.

Felony Dispositions

Zena Rosenberger, 36 of Shawneetown, was found guilty of Aggravated DUI and Aggravated Fleeing Police going 21 miles over speed limit. She given 30 months probation and 14 days in jail with credit for time served and a fine of $2,765. Charges of Battery of a Police Officer were dismissed.

Shownya Acree, 44, of Marion, was found Guilty of Resisting a Police Officer and fined $350 and was ordered a sentence of 2 days in jail with credit for time served. Charges of Aggravated Battery of a Police Officer were dismissed. Separate charges of Aggravated DUI and Aggravated Fleeing were also dismissed.

Dexter Waldron, 56, of Herrin, was given 24 months probation on two counts of Manufacturing/ Delivery Of Cannabis, 14 days jail with credit for time served and a $3,360.50 fine.

Timothy R. Trandel, 21, of Anna, was found Guilty of Arson over $150. He received 48 months probation, 111 days in jail with credit for time served and a $1,965 fine.

Shona Garner, 44, of Marion, plead guilty to Possession of Methamphetamine less than 5 grams from a reduced charge of Meth Delivery and received 30 months probation, 7 days in jail with credit for time served and a $1,725 fine. Two Counts of Possession of other Narcotics schedule 1 and 2 were dismissed.

Joseph E. Sloat, 39, of Hurst, plead Guilty to Electronic Harassment/Obscene Proposal and was given 12 months probation, 4 days in jail with credit for time served and ordered to pay a $945 fine. A separate Intimidation charge he plead not guilty to was dismissed.

Felicia Hill, 31 of Herrin, was found Guilty of Battery with Physical Contact, reduced from Aggravated Battery of a Police Officer. She was fined $230. In a separate charge for Felicia, who gave a Johnston City address, she was found Guilty of Retail Theft of a Shopping Cart from the Johnston City Food Shop. She was sentenced to 24 months probation and fined $1,778.86. A Possession of Hypodermic Syringe/Needle was dismissed.

Noah Robinson, 22, of Marion, was found Guilty of Criminal Damage oo Government Property; he was given 18 months probation, 81 days in jail with credit for time served, and a $1,065 fine.

Kenneth Webb, 40, of Marion, plead Guilty to Possession of Controlled Substance and received 24 months probation and a $1,940 fine. A second Possession charge was dismissed.

Sandra Crain, 53, of Marion, plead Not Guilty to a False Alarm/Complaint to 911. No prosecution.

Casey Heath, 39, of Herrin, gave no plea to Theft/Stolen merchandise over $500. His case was dismissed.

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