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Posted by on Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 @ 10:08 am.


SALINE CO., Ill. - The disgust is palpable in Harrisburg and surrounding areas in the case of the women who thieved from a women's center in that town.

Both Barbara Wingo, 79, and her daughter Terrie Eichorn, 53, escaped their multi-count theft, fraud and criminal enterprise charges filed against them in 2015 with barely a slap on the wrist...which, unfortunately, was predicted here recently when it was announced that Eichorn had reached a plea deal in her case. The two were accused of filching, defrauding, and laundering money through the only women's center in the area for a long time, Anna Bixby Women's Center in Harrisburg, in actions that dated back several years and which funds obtain went toward other business enterprises the two were involved in in the area.

Eichorn's plea agreement came about in July, and she was to "testify truthfully" in her mother's jury trial this month.

However, that was forestalled yesterday when Wingo, too, was allowed to enter a plea to one of the felonies, Wire Fraud, and was sentenced to 30 months probation and a $60,000 fine....which represents only a fraction of the amount of money it's alleged the two stole over the course of the life of the center, which began in 1979.

We've received reports that the attorney who was representing the state in this matter, Jonas Hargas of the Illinois Attorney General's Office, was extremely upset with some aspect of the situation, and left the case to go into private practice as a result of how things had been going recently. Whether that lead to the cop-out pleas and sentencings is unclear.

The closure of Anna Bixby Women's Center had been catastrophic to some of the cases in Saline, according to the late Mike Henshaw last year, who as state's attorney was seeing cases come through the system that were nearly impossible to follow through on because without the advocates from the women's center, cases literally didn't have the witness support the prosecution needed.

Resultant of all of this, folks are rather outraged over the light sentence. Are you one of them? Tell us here or at any of our social networking pages.

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  1. imsomebody2

    Typical Saline County BS…..

  2. buckwheat

    Why was this not tried in Federal court? With the charges of wire fraud, embezzelling federaland state money, it Damn sure should of been! Then there wouldn’t have been a slap on the wrist.

    • I’m guessing because there wasn’t enough federal money involved. It was our understanding that about a year ago, there was a federal grand jury convened, but apparently no true bill was returned. Now…if the feds indict her next week, we’ll know that’s not the situation. And actually…it wouldn’t surprise me. If the feds HAVE indicted both of them, they might have been the driving force behind the plea and the restitution. Illinois has to get its money back somehow. But it’d be GREAT if they would get charged on a federal level. We’ll be waiting patiently….

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