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Alleged Mattoon school shooter back in the headlines

Posted by on Monday, October 9th, 2017 @ 10:52 am.

Josiah Lyons has been badly bullied at Mattoon schools for three years now; his parents have attempted to address the situation repeatedly, to no avail. On September 20, the situation came to an ugly head, and now Josiah is facing a felony charge in the Mattoon High School shooting.

COLES CO., Ill. - The boy who is alleged to have fired upon classmates at the high school in Mattoon a few weeks ago is back in the headlines today with release of information that a psychiatrist is involved.

The news came after a hearing last week held Thursday, October 5, in which Ed Piraino, the defense attorney for Josiah Lyons, 14, said that a psychiatrist, Lawrence Jeckel, hadn't had enough settings with Lyons to come up with an evaluation yet.

A psychological evaluation had been ordered after Lyons was charged in the September 20 incident wherein he's charged with Aggravated Battery following the school shooting at Mattoon High School.

We have a front-page article on the entire ordeal in the current issue on stands now, explaining how Lyons has been bullied for the past three years at the schools and how his parents had gone to school administration repeatedly to get the matter addressed, but they never did. You can read that article at this link if you're an online member with the e-Edition; otherwise, be sure to pick up the current issue, which is on stands for only a little more than a week, if you want to read the full story instead of the bits and pieces in mainstream media...which doesn't understand that if the juvenile suspect is identified, they can use his name. Here's a snip of our coverage:


MATTOON – School shootings, something that Illinois has enjoyed a lack of despite several happening across the country in recent years, became a reality for students at Mattoon High School in Coles County in mid-September.

And while mainstream media is waxing loquacious about one facet of the Sept. 20 incident – that of the teacher who tackled the gunman – no one has bothered to tell what happened that lead up to the incident and prompted it to begin with.

Until now, anyway.

Disclosure has been able to learn not only the identity of the alleged shooter and what he’s charged with, but also what happened in the years leading up to the situation.

And because no one else is reporting it, and probably not enough are talking about it, it’s likely that the situation will keep repeating itself until someone steps in and makes changes in the way schools are conducting things.

A good kid, bullied badly

The alleged shooter is a 14-year-old freshman at Mattoon High School by the name of Josiah Lyons.

Lyons is small in stature but big in heart, according to those who know him and spoke with Disclosure about the matter on an anonymous basis.

The boy is considered a “gearhead,” meaning he likes tinkering on things like hot rod lawn mowers (which actually has a big following for “tractor pull”-type events). Local people who know him have described him as a very good worker, well-behaved, and mannerly.

However, Josiah has had about three years of non-stop, persistent bullying at the school, according to friends and family, every bit of it being perpetrated by a group of kids roughly his same age, but lead by a black girl his age whose name was not noted.

Josiah’s parents had gone to the school administration on numerous occasions, begging them to do something about the situation and receiving no satisfaction from any of the meetings.

The bullying, which began in Sixth Grade for Josiah, continued right up until this school year, which started just a few weeks prior to the shooting....


This has been one of the most-read articles ever on our e-Edition in the over five years we've had it available, so we recommend you dive right in and get an online membership to the e-Edition and learn what other media is failing to tell you because of the various "issues" surrounding the school shooting. Josiah's parents have been leading the charge against bullying, a topic which we covered heavily four years ago when a greater tragedy occurred over unaddressed school bullying - that of Jordan Lewis, who took his own life after incessant bullying at Carterville High School in Williamson County - and held a demonstration this past weekend on the very subject. Many school shootings occurred over this very subject...and in all those cases where bullying was an issue, there were varying levels of school administration intervention, ranging from trying to get a handle on it to just ignoring it completely. Our schools are failing bullied kids despite all their superficial "programs" to "raise awareness." Until someone gets in an STOPS it at the source (intervening immediately when kids report it, keeping an eye on bullied kids and in particular, on the bullies who are always on the lookout for their next target), nothing will be done...and it's highly possible that school shootings and/or other acts of violence will be the result.

Josiah, who is being held in a juvenile detention facility, is next in court on November 17. We'll continue to keep you updated.

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