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We don’t believe there’s a ‘virus going around that mimics allergies’….

Posted by on Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 @ 5:19 am.

Seems like everybody in the Midwest is ill.

And really, that's just a loaded statement...but according to an article at this link, physicians are telling people that they are, and they're not talking 'mental,' they're talking a physical illness.

Here's a snip from the above-referenced article at a TV station based in Cincinnati:

A nasty virus going around the Tri-State mimics severe allergy symptoms.

It's even challenging healthcare providers who are trying to make sure people get the right treatment.

Beth Bailey was one of the lucky ones. Her symptoms are simply seasonal this time of year, but at the same time, the Tri-State had an allergy explosion these past few weeks.

Dr. Scott Woods said a respiratory virus also hit hard too.

"There must have been a new strain. Most of us didn't have a lot of resistance to."

Dr. Woods said dozens of patients came in thinking they had allergies the last few weeks when it was likely the newer virus. Or they may have had both.

Folks...It's fall. Falling leaves and dying grass put off particles that get up your nose. Grain coming in from the field kicks up dust and all kinds of other crap that get up your nose.

But the WORST thing about this time of year that - you guessed it - gets up your nose would be something that aids in getting that grain in...at least the soybeans. Which are toxic in and of themselves to begin with.

But a WORSE toxin is what's put on those beans in order to get them out of the field.

That'd be glyphosate; if you clicked on the link in the sentence above, you'll be able to read how it's used for just that thing. It's used in May and June for the wheat harvest, too. In other locations it's sprayed on sugarcane...to speed up ripening.

And all of this is getting into the grain, and that's getting into your guts. Think for a minute: Glyphosate is used as a weed killer. What's in your gut? Flora (not the town; the plantlife). Gut flora, little "plants" in there from the formation of your digestive tract in the womb on up into the rest of your life. Gut flora helps you digest and utilize food properly. But if gut flora is killed off (you know; a WEED KILLER), even in microscopic amounts (which is what the gut flora is - microscopic), that'll mess up your gut. You won't assimilate food properly. Most fats will get thrown off into other parts of your body...making you, well...FAT. You feel sick all the time. Your hair falls out and your skin looks horrible. All because of eating glyphosate-saturated food...because they don't wash that stuff off before it's made into food; and if they did, it wouldn't matter. Corn, wheat and beans area all genetically modified to resist glyphosate's plant-killing effects. Glyphosate is IN them from germination. It never leaves.

And in the air, it messes with your nasal tract and airways, and it makes you think you have allergies. This happens in the spring and the fall. You know, "allergy season," when you pop Claritin like (glyphosate-saturated) popcorn.

How is it sprayed to ripen grains? Sometimes from an airplane, sometimes from special farm equipment, sometimes, just riding along in the back of a pickup and spraying from a big drum. It's carried on the wind, doesn't diminish with rain, and gets in your airways...where you get sick.

Glyphosate is probably the worst thing ever to happen to humanity, right up there with genetically modifying food. But don't tell that to the farmers; they'll keep on insisting "Glah-fuh-sayt eeyus SAYFF!!" To that, I'll keep on insisting that they sit down and enjoy a glass of it after a long day in the field. Same difference.


Is this creeping crud that's going around really a virus? Or is it the same crapola that happens to people every September when the fields get sprayed and the crops come in? We have our opinions on it (and bear in mind...they're just OPINIONS, people, although they're based on science); so let's hear yours.

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