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BUSTED: Fisher lied about arrest in Marion; charges being refiled

Posted by on Saturday, August 12th, 2017 @ 12:21 pm.

Fisher: Noun. A person who catches fish for a living or for sport. Also associated at times with tall tales. Which is, as we found out this morning, what he did.

MARION, Ill. - It's illegal to lie to police, but not, so far, illegal to lie to a newspaper.

It's just embarrassing and shows a mentality that, under the circumstances, authorities might be able to use in the course of the prosecution.

This is what we've learned happened yesterday, when James Fisher, of Herrin, told a whopper to our Marion correspondent.

And now, Fisher is in a heap of trouble, regardless of what he told our gal.

Our correspondent was doing the usual thing she does Friday, which is to check out court proceedings and get a good indication of what's going on in the court world in Williamson County.

After Fisher, who was featured in this article from last night, took his turn in front of the judge, our correspondent ascertained that he was telling an interesting story of how he came to be held overnight at the Williamson County Jail on what he claimed was a false charge.

Fisher said that he had been mistaken for his brother Nathaniel, who, Fisher claimed, had stolen "something" from a retail liquor store in Marion. Fisher claimed that because he had no ID on him, authorities couldn't let him go from jail until he produced some identification that proved he was him and not his brother.

As it turned out...that was only partially true.

Marion authorities advised this morning that Fisher was indeed the man who was suspected of stealing from the liquor store - the one where Fisher himself worked. In fact, there apparently is a videotape of this alleged act. As a result, authorities said, Fisher is indeed being arrested and charged.

As to the tall tale he told our correspondent yesterday...apparently he can't be charged with that, as it's not illegal to lie to a media outlet, unlike it being illegal to lie to a cop or in court (whether he was under oath and said anything to the judge like what he told our correspondent is unknown, but we're looking into it).

And what his brother - who is under no suspicion of any kind - might have to say about it is unknown...but upcoming family gatherings might be interesting with the Fisher fam.

More if we get it; check back often.

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