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It’s corny in Olney….

Malachi...? Is that you...?

Posted by on Thursday, August 10th, 2017 @ 7:10 pm.

...at least behind the post office.

Had to mail some stuff out Sunday...pulled up to the mailbox behind the post office and this is what we saw.

I have no idea why this happens, but I'm totally intrigued by it. We chronicled one that was growing in downtown Mt. Carmel last year to great hilarity (until some jerk came along and pulled it up, a couple of hours after the post...which we suspect will happen with this if it hasn't already). Does someone plant this corn, one kernel at a time, hoping to spark Disclosure posts? Does it fall out of someone's farm truck as he's on the way to the grain mill and the wife said "Don't forget to drop the light bill at the post office or they're gonna cut us off!"? Is someone at the post office - or, even better, the cop shop (which is right next to the post office) sneaking out at random times and poking those corn seeds in the ground as a joke on someone? Are the white squirrels hiding back behind the Legion and hoarding corn cobs at the PO? The mind boggles.

Anyway...here are some pics. Try not to go out and tear them up too soon (if they're not already gone...) And watch out for that white squirrel named Malachi...he's shifty.


Malachi...? Is that you...?


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