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Maybe live-in facing jury trial — Mom who had twins in back seat of car during inner-city racing crash charged

Posted by on Monday, July 31st, 2017 @ 8:48 pm.

SALINE CO.— It appears that an apparent racing crash on South Jackson Street in Harrisburg, complete with twin boys in car seats and a cast of characters that seem not to be able to tell the truth even to save themselves, has landed one momma behind bars, and her maybe live-in non-licensed homie facing a jury trial.

The incident began on June 26, at approximately 8:38 p.m. when Saline County Dispatch received several calls in reference to two vehicles racing north on South Jackson Street in Harrisburg.

A short time later dispatch advised they were getting calls that the vehicles had crashed with each other and that one of the cars was sitting in the Harrisburg Township parking lot.

The report indicated that four adults and two small children exited the vehicle and one of the females from the car had walked off, southbound in a nearby alley, with the two small children.

The additional report also indicated that the second vehicle had left the scene.

When assistant Chief of Police Todd Cavender arrived on scene, he observed a black car with Illinois plates sitting in the Harrisburg Township parking lot.

But instead of four adults and a pair of children, Cavender only saw three adults and no children.

When he asked the three adults what happened, a tall black male, sporting a “man bun,” told him that they had a flat tire and that was all.

However, when Cavender walked around to the passenger side of the car he observed a flat front tire along with considerable damage to the front passenger side bumper, fender and door.

A white female, who said she had been driving the damaged vehicle, and the tall black male claimed the damage Cavender saw was old.

“It was very obvious the damage was fresh,” Cavender said in contradiction to the claim. 

When Cavender asked the female for her driver’s license and insurance, she could only produce the license but no insurance.

A lie by any other name…

City officer Sgt. Nathan Moore arrived on scene to assist and spoke with a group of witnesses standing near the intersection of Jackson Street and South Street.

Cavender asked the female to step away from the vehicle and have a chat with him about what happened and the black male started to follow but was instructed to stay with the vehicle.

When asked what happened, the female said that she was driving, had struck a curb and gotten a flat tire.

She also stuck with the story about the damage being old.

“I explained to her that if she were lying to me she would be charged with obstructing justice,” Cavender said. “But she stayed with her story that she was driving, struck the curb and had a flat tire.”

When Sgt. Moore returned from speaking with the group of witnesses, he informed Cavender that they had just reported that after the crash they saw the black male with the “man bun” exit the driver’s side of the vehicle.

That prompted Cavender to ask Mr. Man Bun for his driver’s license, to which Mr. Bun said he didn’t have a license and hadn’t been driving the vehicle.

And that prompted Cavender to take Mr. Man Bun, later identified as Flazon Peoples, 18, of 115 South Main St., Apt. 2, Galatia, into custody.

The female, identified as Allyson Atkinson, 21, who with her twin sons, whose car seats were found inside the crashed vehicle, lives at the same address with Mr. Peoples, was also taken into custody.

The third individual at the scene, identified as Jaylyn Godsey, was asked what happened and he said that he had walked up to the scene after the crash, which didn’t jive with what eyewitnesses told police, who said he was one of the backseat passengers. 

Car owner wanted car seats for grandbabies

With Peoples and Atkinson in custody, the owner of the crashed vehicle was contacted.

Angela Atkinson, owner of the damaged vehicle, mother of Allyson Atkinson, and grandmother to the twins, was contacted, at which time she informed police she would like for the car seats to be removed from the vehicle so she could use them for the grandchildren and then proceeded to ask where the twins were.

Allyson Atkinson said she had left her twin sons with a Madison Neal while she went out and had no idea where Ms. Neal, nor the twins, actually were.

Allyson denied the twins were in the vehicle at the time of the crash.

At approximately 9:51 p.m. Angela Atkinson arrived at the local police station and was shown pictures of the vehicle taken prior to it being towed from the scene.

Angela confirmed the damage to the vehicle was indeed new and asked again about the whereabouts of her grandchildren.

After authorities checked with several different individuals, the boys were brought to the police station and handed over to Angela’s husband, while everyone else was still inside the station.

Couldn’t tell the truth to save her own butt

Cavender arranged for Angela to speak with her offspring and after several minutes she informed him that her daughter agreed to speak with him.

Allyson signed waiver of her rights and proceeded to inform the assistant chief that she had been driving the vehicle and that Peoples was in the passenger seat and that Godsey had been siting in the back between the car seats.

Allyson said she had been following Emilie and Exavier Lawler on Jackson Street and decided to turn left on South Street and, while executing that left hand turn, Emilie turned left in front of her causing her to strike Emilie’s vehicle.

When Cavender informed her that eyewitnesses saw Peoples driving the car ,Allyson decided to admit that it was indeed Peoples who was driving, which means she lied to police yet again, this time after signing away her rights.

Allyson also decided to admit that her twin boys were in their car seats at the time of the crash with Jaylen or Jaylyn (spelled both ways in official reports) was seated between the car seats with Madison Neal seated on Godsey’s lap.

She said that Neal walked off with the twins following the crash.

She also identified the other vehicle involved as a dark Kia.

Kia and driver located 

At approximately 11:50 p.m., Cavender located the dark Kia at 146 South Main St.

The vehicle had extensive damage to the driver’s door.

The license plate checked back to a John Walker of Marion.

When Cavender knocked at the door of the residence, an Emilie Walker answered and when asked, she said she left the scene of the accident because she didn’t want to get into trouble.

That was most likely a rare moment of asking a question and getting an honest answer during the entire ordeal.

Emilie said that the entire group, consisting of herself, Lawler, Peoples, Atkinson, Godsey and Neal decided to go “somewhere.”

She explained that she and Exavier rode in her car and the others, along with the twin boys, piled into the vehicle Atkinson was driving.

It is unclear whether or not the crash took place on their way to or from “somewhere.” 

Emilie said that when she approached South Street she decided to turn westbound, signaled, slowed to turn and that’s when Peoples slammed into the driver’s door of her vehicle.

She said she believed he was trying to pass her.

And that’s about where the truth became ‘sort of’ the truth, for the most part… kind of.

When Lawler was asked what happened he said that Peoples has passed Emilie and when he slowed down Emilie passed him.

Then when Emilie started to execute a left hand turn, Peoples’ drove into the side of her car.

Twins, charges and jury trial

When it was all said and done, the twins were handed over to grandma; Atkinson was charged with felony Obstructing Justice for lying; and Peoples was charged with Obstructing Justice, two counts of Child Endangerment and cited for Unlicensed Driver, Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle, Driving Too Fast For Conditions, False Reports, Reckless Driving, and Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road.

As of press time there were no charges filed against Ms. Madison or Mr. Godsey.

Allyson Atkinson was released from police custody June 28 after a $1,000 cash bond was posted on her behalf by W. Scott Hicks, of 1 Lusk Rd., Golconda.

Mr. Man Bun aka Flazon Peoples pleaded not guilty to all his charges on July 18, which was the same day his cash bond was reduced to $750, which didn’t make much difference because it appears he was still firmly ensconced in the county jail as of press time. 

Peoples’ has a jury trial set for October 11 at 9 a.m.

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