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A day in the life of Marion PD….

Posted by on Tuesday, July 4th, 2017 @ 2:55 pm.

MARION, Ill. - A video dated from this past Thursday, June 29, is circulating on social networking.

It purportedly shows a Marion police officer in the process of being "brutal" to at least two residents of the street where it was shot; however, there isn't necessarily a clear shot of any "brutality"...only that the cop in question is beset upon by the yelling lady, this after he had the man facedown on the ground and cuffed.

The lady pitches a fit, then advances on the officer, which likely caused him to have concern for not only his safety, but perhaps the safety of the suspect...who, because he's in custody, is the officer's responsibility to ensure his safety. (If the incident is involving a domestic, these can be wholly unpredictable and can spiral out of control quickly, which might explain the officer's concern toward the woman). At one point an OP (Order of Protection) is mentioned.

The officer makes an attempt to get the woman under control...and then loses control of the man on the ground.

When backup arrives, the responding officers get involved in order to get the two under control...all while a very young child is watching, and others are recording.


What are your thoughts? Is this over-aggression by cops, as is claimed by the video poster, or is this just typical of what the officers have to face daily? Is there evidence of excessive force...or were the officers showing concern for their own safety and the safety of others at the scene? Tell us here or at any of our social networking pages. We want to know what YOU think.


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6 Comments for “A day in the life of Marion PD….”

  1. marguerite

    absolutely not… they do what they have to do to get the situation under control..kid gloves is not needed..they are doing their job..and keep a safe zone..they are policemen ..

  2. imsomebody2

    I agree with Marguerite!

  3. Groucho

    Marion is becoming E StL junior.
    A domestic is a powder keg. MPD played it by the book.Glad they’re on the job.

    BTW – if you act like a criminal , you’ll be treated like a criminal. So -get smart! Look and act like a prospect, rather than a suspect.

    Good onya MPD

  4. slamdunc

    When someone like this becomes uncooperative, they actually believe that if they keep yelling and screaming that what they say will make sense or someone will see it their way. Good work Marion P.D. stay safe.

  5. mistis

    I don’t think the cop was being “brutal.” I believe he was trying to take control of the situation the best he could. Until the other officer arrived, it was just him, and the guy in custody got up and headed toward where the children were. I believe he was looking out for the safety of everyone and trying to keep the situation from getting any worse. In fact, I think the handled the situation well.

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