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HARRISBURG: Man shot at South Granger and West Barnett; XZAVIER GIBBS BEING SOUGHT

Posted by on Friday, June 16th, 2017 @ 9:13 am.




Gibbs is being sought for questioning. While authorities have NOT stated he is armed and dangerous, PLEASE proceed with caution if you're in the area. We have received reports that the Gregory shooting may have had something to do with Gibbs' clan allegedly robbing people at gunpoint recently.


Below is the original post.


HARRISBURG, Ill. - Details are still coming in, but authorities have confirmed that a man has been shot fatally this morning in midtown Harrisburg.

We have the man's name but are holding it pending identification through the coroner's office.

The shooting happened at 6:15 in the vicinity of South Granger and West Barnett streets.

While NO ONE has officially named a suspect, the sheriff's department was at a location at Century Estates at about 9 a.m. this morning.

It would appear that whoever was involved with the shooting practices the same MO that occurred at most of the other shootings allegedly involving the criminal Hamilton brood and their associates, Xzavier Gibbs, Jared Crawford and Ramonte Scott - a call was made to dispatch at about the time of this morning's shooting, with the female caller screaming that her "baby had been shot!!" which turned out to be a false report.

In the past, when the Hamilton/Gibbs bunch have practiced their badness, a call ALWAYS comes in that sends cops to a location completely across town from the scene of the actual incident (shooting, stabbing, or another form of violence), which then gives the perps time to get away.

However, in this instance, someone is dead.

Authorities are still searching for Xzavier Gibbs, Jared Crawford and Ramonte Scott, as we've reported in the May 31 issue of Disclosure. Hit this link to read it...or get out and get one. Just be careful, as this morning's shooter - whomever he is - is still at large.

Authorities are asking that anyone who has knowledge of the whereabouts of the above three PLEASE contact their nearest law enforcement agency immediately.


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4 Comments for “HARRISBURG: Man shot at South Granger and West Barnett; XZAVIER GIBBS BEING SOUGHT”

  1. Irish

    Is anyone surprised if it turns out this guy murdered somebody?
    This is another prime example of Saline county not doing their job at the courthouse and putting this guy away.
    I don’t blame the police, he’s actually getting arrested.
    It’s the court system who won’t do it’s job.

    • marguerite

      seems it has egg on our local enforcements faces..he has probably been here all along and they have had several tips and calls..somehow someway we have to take into account that we are allowing crime and lack of pursuance of these who are at large..we have weapons and training to do the job now it’s time to be serious…our community is concerned about our safety ..realize that someone has lost their life at the hands of someone who should be already locked up without BAIL or BOND. We deserve a safer community..give us something to have confidence in please..

  2. Irish

    The judge on his previous cases could have prevented this.

  3. Groucho

    Time for more chlorine in the gene

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