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Well, Loretta Lynch got what she was asking for…even locally

Loretta Lynch

Posted by on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 @ 8:56 pm.

Loretta Lynch

From WorldNetDaily comes this article from early March, accompanying this video of Loretta Lynch calling for blood in the streets.

Here's a snip:

The Obama administration’s former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has made an impassioned video plea for more marching, blood and death on the streets – a video that was later posted on the Facebook page of Senate Democrats as “words of inspiration.”

The video is less than a minute long and begins by stating that people are experiencing “great fear and uncertainty,” with the unstated implication it is due to Donald Trump’s takeover of the White House.


Read more at the link here.

Apparently, the chickens are coming home to roost, as we can see from the events in Alexandria, Virginia, early this morning.

And now, our attention has been called to another person in the area whose comments about the situation are....well...a little over the top on the matter.

And to make the situation worse (as if it could get any worse...), dude's a public employee, too.

Meet Eric Ebersohl, who expressed his appreciation for what James Hodgkinson did with these quippy posts on his Facebook and Twitter pages, and which were sent to us anonymously by an apparently-keen-eyed person:

For those mobile-y challenged, it reads "Politicians beware! Karma is a bitch!" done up in the relatively-new feature on Fecesbook that allows a user to post a meme-type comment as opposed to just words; his is white letters on a red background.

Apparently, one of his Facebook friends asked him what that meant (we don't have that part of the screencap); here's his explanation:

For the mobile folks: "It means," says Ebersohl, "if you upset enough people with your questionable legislation and disregard for the human condition so that people have nothing to live for or nothing to lose, those individuals may seek to remedy the situation with their own swift form of retribution. I am not surprised at the recent shooting of politicians. The shooter probably had nothing left to live for and nothing to lose. He exacted his own form of justice. I am surprised this hadn't happened already, and I suspect this isn't the end."

Holy cow, as they say. It's like he KNEW dude or something. Or, the "something" might just be Ebersohl's projection of his own particular snowflake dysfunction...like, he perceives that his life is somehow threatened by the enforcing of LAWS in this country and the getting rid of UNCONSTITUTIONAL orders such as the "Affordable" Care Act. I mean, God forbid we return to a country that operated by the Constitution that founded it.

But it's not like Ebersohl is a poor working slob who doesn't have insurance without Obamacare. Oh no no no no. He's gainfully employed and probably has a VERY nice insurance package...courtesy we the taxpayer. How do we know this?

Turns out Ebersohl is an instructor at John A. Logan College. He teaches business, computer science and math. And that's where he should keep it, instead of spewing venom on his page and drawing the attention of the likes of us, who then pass it along to potentially hundreds of thousands of you, the readers, in the Williamson and Jackson counties area.

He even took his spewings over to his Twitter account:

There's a reason why credit ratings of five of our universities have been reduced to "junk" status. It appears the assessors of such ratings are judging not only the dire financial situation these universities are in, but also what they're churning OUT.

How often have we said that our colleges and universities have become institutions of indoctrination in everything that is anti-American....? It's not that I forget; it's that I can't count that high. And I've BEEN to university, so it's not like I'm some dweeb who's just spewing MY venom on the libwhack world. We've seen what's been happening the last few years. We contend DAILY with people who want to sit and play video games all day and have someone else fund their lives. We're sick of it. And before all the obstructionism, it appeared it might have been drawing to a close, and that we might actually be returning to a time when people put in a hard day's work and are proud of themselves for it. But apparently, that's not rainbows and unicorns enough. The Marching Morons are taking over.

So we have Loretta Lynch - who should have been charged ages ago for multiple infractions - calling for blood in the streets; we have Hodgkinson complying by shooting up the Republicans; and we have this character Ebersohl cheering him on. Wonderful. Had anyone done that over Obama, they'd be hemmed up in a jail cell right now being "interviewed" so as to ascertain whether they were a lone wolf or part of a "movement"...and we have people on the leftwhack side griping about the Tea Party???? There's no comparison. Before the Koch brothers co-opted the Tea Party two and a half years after it started, we were among the most subdued, kind, easygoing "protesters" ever...and we gave people hope. It took a decimation of the movement funded by George Soros and the running of an unacceptable presidential candidate (Romney) to by and large snuff out the actual movement, but that didn't mean we were "done." We just waited patiently, watched Obama shred REAL civil rights (because contrary to what Ms. Lynch is saying, illegals don't HAVE any "rights" in this country...the law's just being ENFORCED)...and when an acceptable Republican candidate came along, we, the quiet majority, elected him, fair and square.

Does anyone else see what's wrong with this entire thing?

You're going to have to go to your legislators. Don't go to these faux town hall meetings with their faux outraged morons yammering. Schedule an appointment and talk to your representatives. We need to restore sanity in this country right now, and the Dems are going to have to knuckle down and start calling for it. Enough is enough. We are a country of laws, and they need to be enforced. That's what Trump's been doing, and the whiny crybabies are trying every diversionary/obstructionist tactic possible...and in so doing, they're literally destroying this country, right before our eyes.

Stand up, people. Otherwise, you're going to be forced to your knees.

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