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LAWRENCEVILLE: Cop presence at high school as two removed over threats

Posted by on Thursday, April 20th, 2017 @ 7:33 pm.

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ill. - Sources have confirmed that the police presence at Lawrenceville's high school this morning was over two students who were questioned and removed from the school this morning.

However, many knew what was going on yesterday, and as a result, several parents kept their kids home from school today - the anniversary of the Columbine shooting, the deadliest school shooting in America which occurred on April 20, 1999 - following the reported investigation into social networking postings of a male Senior and female Sophomore.

The removal was over some very disturbing material that was being posted on the female's Instagram account, as well as some other social networking posts that seemed to be calling up Columbine and could potentially be inferred as threats.

The school sent a letter out today, which apparently really upset some people, as, unlike the parents who knew what was going on and kept their kids home, they weren't aware of the situation yesterday and were concerned over the fact that the parents were notified after the situation was dealt with, and not before or during the actions taken following the investigation into it.

Their concern might be misplaced, however, as the schools generally do the best they can to not incite a panic...and these days, that's easy to do.

Below is the letter submitted today:

For those mobile-y challenged, it reads: "This letter is to inform you about an incident that occurred at Lawrenceville High School Wednesday afternoon that was reported to the high school administration. Because our school is committed to the safety and education of all our students, we want to clearly communicate with parents about safety issues when they arise.

"The incident was investigated by the school administration by interviewing students and examining social media posts. Appropriate actions to ensure the safety of our students were taken by the school following the investigation. Due to confidentiality reasons, specific details cannot be released regarding student discipline.

"I would like to thank the Lawrenceville City Police Department as well as the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office for their assistance in the investigation and presence at the school.

"All potentially dangerous situations regarding our students or school safety are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. The district wants you to have the facts so you can discuss this situation with your child(ren) so that everyone feels confident that the district is taking this situation seriously.

"Doug Daugherty, Superintendent"

The school is not allowed to identify the students per Illinois law; we have, however, obtained the identities of the kids and we ask that readers please don't post them if you know them. We've obscured the identity of one of the children in question, who posted this tripe on an Instagram account:



While both of these are kind of weird, that's a teenager: They're ALL weird. They rarely have parental oversight and they're allowed to say and post whatever they want on their social networking accounts; and God forbid you try to keep them from having a social networking page or four....they'll take money from your wallet, buy a burner phone, set up an account, and do such a thing ONLY at school...thus the argument for homeschooling in a nutshell if you want to keep your kids from descending into the morass that is teenage mentality these days.

It remains unclear whether this person whose Instagram is shown here is a threat to the school or is a kid merely obsessed with true crime and is recounting an anniversary of a major criminal event. Whatever the case, the school took it the way they took it - that there may have been a credible threat - and they took steps to be proactive.

According to material submitted by Daugherty, the Lawrenceville Police Department, assisted by the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department, were instrumental in tending to the matter.

What are YOUR thoughts on this situation?



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